1. S

    Oops. Probably shouldn't have done that.

    So looking for a little help here. My ride has been a wiring nightmare since I bought it but that's besides the point. After doing some wiring on the NSS I had the bright idea of unplugging the 5 pin fuel switch under the dash as I repainted another to replace it with. Not thinking through that...
  2. T

    Not using factory fuse box after engine swap, lighting wiring with column and ignition switch problems.

    I have 84' C10 that is pretty much completely gutted inside and out, it has a Ls and 4l80e in it. Before this month it was wired awfully from the swap with a rat nest of unused wires hanging around under the dash. since its engine swapped and only has exterior lights, no blower radio dome light...
  3. samblnc

    Melted black wire headed to fuse box

    So, my 73 C10 truck died suddenly on the road last night. No power, lights, nothing. I replaced the alternator since it looked near original, and since we noticed that the negative terminal was pretty damaged and loose. Still no power of any kind. After about an hour or so of hunting for the...
  4. H


    I have a 1974 Chevy k10. I have an extra 4 pin connector like the rear light harness connecter on the firewall next to the bulkhead connector. Does anyone know what this is for? It’s circled in the photo.
  5. iamtherealJayy

    1983 K5 blazer 6.2 wiring cleanup

    I’ve owned this blazer since february and I’m just now getting around to tinkering on it. It was originally a 6.2 diesel then a 350, I’m putting in an ls. Anyways, all the diesel wiring had just been cut off, noticed it when I bought it but wiring didn’t scare me so I’ve been cleaning up the...
  6. GMC_Nick

    Fog/driving lights 81-82 bumper

    Hey guys need some help getting an idea on what to do before I dig into cutting and messing around. I have a 89 gmc single headlight setup on my truck and the visibility isn't the best so I picked up a 81-82 bumper. I'm pretty much just looking to wire them up to a flip switch but I'm new to...
  7. K

    Fusible link keeps blowing over and over

    I just regained power to dash and ignition in my 82 c10, however now when I turn the truck over and it starts it immediately blows the fuse in my fusible link near the solenoid. The link down by the starter is fine but the other one blows every time it attempts to start. Any ideas on what the...
  8. G

    Electrical Issue No Power When Keyed On

    I have a 1986 K10 that has been sitting for a while. I didn’t have an issue with power when I parked it. Recently, I have been writing to fix it (nothing electrical was touched besides fuel tanks). I installed a good battery. The dome lights, the brake lights, the interior courtesy lights (floor...
  9. madcrafter52

    Dual tank issues

    I have a 1987 GMC Wrangler (basically just a V2500) that originally came with a fuel injected 350. Somewhere along the line it got swapped with a carbureted 307. Whoever did the swap didn't really hook anything up except what was necessary and then called it a day, so i am dealing with a lot of...
  10. G

    Replacement wire for blower motor

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can order a new wire for my AC/Heater blower motor? The fan failed and the connections at the ends of the wires overheated and melted on the inside. See pictures for what I am looking for. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. H

    Break Light Wiring for a 84 k5 350sb

    Howdy y'all! I'm semi new to the world of squares. I don't know much about 'em, but I'm learning as I go. I still have lots to learn, especially with wiring. My sister bought an '84 K5 a few weeks ago and the drivers side tail/brake light ain't working to good. Hit a bump, it works, hit...
  12. Nony

    1981 C7000 Starting Issue

    Hello, I’m no mech, so please bare with me. My smog pump froze on me, so I replaced the belt to run the alternator solo. After a jump, it idled for a good 20 minutes then I shut it down. Picked up a new battery from Napa and it fired right up. The next morning I go to start it, click or pop...
  13. chevyninja350

    CS130 Alt Wiring on 85 c10

    I have a 1985 Chevy c10 350 with Vortec heads and accessories. I am currently running a CS130 Alternator not CS130D. I want to know which of the 4 wires on the CS130 Alternator (PLFS) to use with the stock voltmeter gauge (Brown wire from bulkhead). I need to know which wires need ignition or...
  14. devin bianco

    no power to starter/wiring issues

    I need steps on how to troubleshoot no power to the starter soleiod. bare with me because i do not have the best technical vocabulary when it comes to this stuff. i have begun the process completely re-wiring my sbc with the original wiring harness, at this point in time all i want to do is get...
  15. C

    New Electrical

    My old and harness was split and spliced to no end.i just bought a new one , factory specs, and I am putting it in. I am having a few problems. The cab light is staying on, no power to the ac panel and the fuel tanks aren't switching any more. All worked fine before. The ac panel has no power...
  16. C

    Need help with factory speaker wiring

    Hi I just bought a new to me truck and the previous owner messed around with the wiring and nothing is what its supposed to be, and the radio doesnt work. So i decided I would get a new head unit and run completely new wires, and my speaker has 4 terminals, and i get any combination to work. The...
  17. C

    HEI help

    Morning everyone I am new to this forum and recently became the new owner of a 1986 GMC Sierra Classic 3500 Dually. The guy I bought this from had started a rebuild on it and never completely finished it the truck starts and runs but alot of electrical things seem to be unfinished/or improperly...
  18. M

    Help needed with finding block wiring diagram and wiring diagrams for 1984 Chevy Silverado with 305

    Help needed with finding block wiring diagram and wiring diagrams for 1984 Chevy Silverado with 305 The issue we have is wiring for the temp sender there are two wiring harness we believe but have only one sensor on the motor. Thanks Mark
  19. J

    Many Issues, Little Experience

    for starters. 1987 V10 Blazer Silverado 6.2 Detroit Diesel, she sat for 18 years, and has had basic maintenance done. previous owner replaced: rear shoes, diesel filter, and switched batteries over to top mount, im sure more small things were done. I have done: oil filter/oil, air filter...
  20. L

    Electrical Connections

    Hey all, I'm working on connecting my engine to the wiring harness and I'm having a hard time doing so. Truck is an 84 k10, but I pulled the 305 that was in it and put in a 350. Don't know the year. Can't find a good diagram to label wires with. Any resources? I'm familliar with the...
  21. Coal creek Chris

    1989 V3500 Oxygen Sensor Wire Location?

    New to the forum. Have a emissions/wiring issue. Wondering if anybody could help me find the general area I should look in the engine bay for a single wire O2 sensor connector. Have an 89 V3500 7.4L that currently has no O2 sensor or cat installed. There is a threaded plug in the stock manifold...
  22. Z

    New to Square body.. electrical nightmare...

    New to the forum, new to chevy square body's and not the most experienced mechanic. I bought a 1983 C30 to build a classic welding rig out of, its got some problems so I'm sure I'll be here a lot. Starting off, its definitely got some wiring issues, headlights are not working, only the running...
  23. Jesse Smith

    New headlight/taillight wires?

    My truck is finally in running form, but I’ve noticed now that for whatever reason, when I flip the headlights on, and go from high to low beam or vise versa, they shut off completely and won’t come back on. With that being said, the wiring looks to be sketchy at best, and my intentions are to...

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