1. samblnc

    Melted black wire headed to fuse box

    So, my 73 C10 truck died suddenly on the road last night. No power, lights, nothing. I replaced the alternator since it looked near original, and since we noticed that the negative terminal was pretty damaged and loose. Still no power of any kind. After about an hour or so of hunting for the...
  2. samblnc

    Black Fuse-like Electrical Connector?

    Working through an electrical issue (resolved), I encountered the connector shown in this image. It’s located next to the windshield washer pump. Opening it up revealed a glass protruding on one end, and a small metal tab protruding out of it. Putting a 12 V tester to both ends showed power on...
  3. Haydenh

    Headlights on= No Turns, Headlights off= Turns

    Hello All, I searched the forum and couldn't find the exact issue my truck is experiencing so I thought I'd start thread to see if I can get some clarity. 1987 V30 with the 6.2 and a service body. The previous owner swapped the incandescent brake/turn signals on the service body to LED...
  4. M

    Nasty parasitic draw from plow

    Hey yall After my new plow truck (k5 blazer) killed a known good high quality battery inside of 48 hours I decided to bust out the multimeter and see if I could figure out the cause. It didn't take very long to discover what the problem was. I have a hydraulic plow, the unit under the hood has a...
  5. Jonathan_GMC

    6.2l diesel electrical problem!!!

    I have a 1986 GMC 6.2l diesel and my headlights are super dim. My low coolant light keeps coming on and glow plug light turns on sporadically. It will also return to normal voltages for a short period of time before it starts acting up again. I put a new alternator in and the truck and brand new...
  6. G

    Electrical Issue No Power When Keyed On

    I have a 1986 K10 that has been sitting for a while. I didn’t have an issue with power when I parked it. Recently, I have been writing to fix it (nothing electrical was touched besides fuel tanks). I installed a good battery. The dome lights, the brake lights, the interior courtesy lights (floor...
  7. kochese

    Instrument panel light ID

    First post, can tell this is a great group based on what I have been able to learn so far. New to me 1984 GMC Sierra Classic! Cleaning up PO wiring issues. Replaced instrument panel lights, found two direct wired lamps with no homes. Lamp one is brown and tan wire, does not illuminate on key...
  8. M

    Wiper pump always on

    I have an 1983 K10 Silverado that I have recently replaced the wiper motor on(because the pump on it didn’t work). I have also replaced the switch (dash upgrades). The problem I am having is the pump is always running while the wiper switch is on. Any thoughts? Video
  9. Nony

    1981 C7000 Starting Issue

    Hello, I’m no mech, so please bare with me. My smog pump froze on me, so I replaced the belt to run the alternator solo. After a jump, it idled for a good 20 minutes then I shut it down. Picked up a new battery from Napa and it fired right up. The next morning I go to start it, click or pop...
  10. R

    Electric issues involving blinkers

    So I'm having an electrical issue involving my blinkers, with headlights off all of them work, but with headlights on only my rear driver side works as far as I know and my passenger side is lite up, but a new problem has come up, with the ignition off and headlights on the blinker stays on but...
  11. A

    Unbelievable Turn Signal Issues

    Hello, This is my first post so bare with me if its in the wrong spot. I just bought a 1987 gmc r15 and I knew it had problems but these turn signals have me stumped. Someone before me replaced the turn signals with some kind of motorcycle light I think or maybe trailer lights and when I engage...
  12. C

    New Electrical

    My old and harness was split and spliced to no end.i just bought a new one , factory specs, and I am putting it in. I am having a few problems. The cab light is staying on, no power to the ac panel and the fuel tanks aren't switching any more. All worked fine before. The ac panel has no power...
  13. C

    Need help with factory speaker wiring

    Hi I just bought a new to me truck and the previous owner messed around with the wiring and nothing is what its supposed to be, and the radio doesnt work. So i decided I would get a new head unit and run completely new wires, and my speaker has 4 terminals, and i get any combination to work. The...
  14. J

    No spark after shutdown

    First off thanks for taking the time to help out a new member. So short story long I bought a 1986 sierra 4.3l V6 when I was 16 (almost 12 years ago). It was my first vehicle. My dads old chevy bit the dust, and I gave him my pickup and moved on. He has since passed, and I thought it would be...
  15. Nolan M

    Turn signals flash all running lights

    So I recently bought a 1984 c30 dually. It didn't have any working lights apart from the headlights, so i checked the fuses first. Running light and back up/turn signal fuses were blown, i found shorts in the trailer harness under the rear bumper. After removing the shorts i no longer have to...
  16. Green 1978 K20

    1978 Chevy K20 Scottsdale aftermarket cruise control

    Hey guys thanks for the awesome forum site, I got a '78 K20 and I want to install an aftermarket cruise control but I don't have a clue on which brands work best, YouTube isnt the most reliable for reviews. Im hoping not to spend more than $250 but anything under $350 may be considered
  17. Kevin S

    Windshield Wiper Motor replacement

    Squarebody Chronicles: Windshield Washer Pump fix Replacing a broken washer pump motor in an old 78-? full-size Chevy/GMC platform? Read on. Project scope: Added a "universal washer motor" to bypass the broken factory washer pump system. (LMC 36-4081) This system comes with a bit of hose and...
  18. Darth Plasma

    Power window switch issue

    Hi everyone, I fixed my broken drivers side window motor yesterday, and after getting it all back together I was testing it and the switch just stopped working in the down position. The window will only roll up, not down, but both directions for the passengers side does work. The switch feels...
  19. TONKA

    Starter with a mind of its own

    So for a while, I had issues with my starter not being lined up, mainly because I was trying everything but shims. but now that it is shimmed on a cold start the motor will wind up then abruptly stop. second try it grinds a little. third, it cranks like new. the only thing I don't have done...
  20. J

    Many Issues, Little Experience

    for starters. 1987 V10 Blazer Silverado 6.2 Detroit Diesel, she sat for 18 years, and has had basic maintenance done. previous owner replaced: rear shoes, diesel filter, and switched batteries over to top mount, im sure more small things were done. I have done: oil filter/oil, air filter...
  21. Orange


    I daily drive a 87 c10 and I just got it all pretty and ready for a nice cruise and noticed many problems. Horn no longer working and makes a weird buzzing sound, cig lighter out, dome light out. I'm sure it's simple, I'm just not really good with electronics. Do y'all have an answer?
  22. Gilderbeast

    CS144 High Output Alternator

    Curious to see if anyone here has installed a high amp CS144 alternator on their big block and how you wired it.

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