How to Install Slosh Tubz on Square Body - Mild Tubs with A/C 73-87 C10


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Aug 26, 2020
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Hey Guys,
I hope this is helpful for anyone looking into purchasing Slosh Tubz. A buddy and I created a step by step how to install mild tubz on my Square body.

We ordered a set of 73-87 Mild Tubz with A/C Along with filler panels and longer tub bolts for easier installation. For reference the truck we are working on is a 78 factory A/C SBC. This truck has 2.5in CCP drop spindles and 3in drop springs. The Front wheels are 20x8 +0 BS American Racing VN506 sitting on 245/40/R20 tires. The rear are 20x9.5 +0 BS sitting on 275/35/R20 with an axle flip to lower it. Installation Steps:
1) Remove Old Tubz and everything that connects them to the Chassis including battery tray, cruise control, overflow tanks ect. These are bolted in with 1/2in and 9/16in bolts.
2) Use provided template to trace the cut out line on the inner side of the fender. This will be what is cut out to allow room for the new taller tub. The template has a cut out that wedges up against the hood hinge to insure you are cutting in the proper area for the tub.
3)Test fit the Tubz and make sure the area cut out is correct and check to see if you will need to make any adjustments to the tub ( we ended up trimming a small amount near the control arm because it looked very close and ended up making it a little easier to install.)
4) Once you know that the tub fits you will drill two 1/8in pilot holes from the top through the pre existing bolt holes on the radiator support (two most forward bolts that run parallel with the grill) - note that the tubs front lip sits under the radiator support.
5) With the first two pilot holes drilled make sure the tub fits well and drill those to 1/2. and install the tub with those first two bolts. From there you will be able to see how the tub fits and you can mark the next bolt holes with tape marks and a sharpie. Once you have them marked drill one or two 1/8in pilot holes and make sure they line up with the clips on the fender. If they do continue this process with the rest of the holes. ( This part is time consuming but helps insure you don't put too many holes in your Tubz. Lucily with these being fiberglass and the lip of the tubz being in an area where you do not see the top it is easily fixable if you end up drilling a hole wrong.)
6) Now that all your holes are drilled it is time for final install. The easiest to install is by only getting each bolt started with a few turns to insure they will all be able to line up property. Once all in tighten them up and you should be good to go! Feel free to comment below any questions about the installation or product and we will be happy to help! The filler Panels we used were not the A/C specific ones but they are available from Slosh Tubz in many variations depending on your set up.

If you are wanting to Lay Frame or install larger wheels than 20s I would suggest going with Slosh Tubz Squared which offer more room but you will need to relocate your A/C


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