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post your worst stuck pics

Discussion in 'Off-Roading' started by ccmf22, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Old77

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Kansas City, Mo
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    C10 longbed/R3500 Dually
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  2. Catbox

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    Jul 12, 2018
    Portland Oregon
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    C20 Silverado Camper Special
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    Carnage from when Junior got the truck stuck in the ditch the other day.
    He got it stuck, I got it unstuck.
    I just applied generous amounts of gas pedal to make the big guy bark.
    Poor grass didn't deserve what I did to it, even though it was minimal....



    The poor wood that was shoved under the light tire.

    The boat anchor trailer hitch that dug into the ground.
    It will have to be torched off the truck eventually.
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  3. Vbb199

    Vbb199 B-rate Hillbilly Customs Supporting Member

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    Jan 12, 2018
    Salisbury NC
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    91, 89, 87
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    91 Blazer V1500- "K5ton", 87 K10 Suburban, 89 Suburban R1500
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    502, 350, 350
    I have a couple of memories but sadly the photos are on old phones.

    The time i was running down hwy 152 from work couple years ago, during our southern winter that lasts a whole 1 day, the roads were iced over.
    In a 2wd burb, now unlike most of the other southern people here. I know how to drive in these conditions,

    I was just cruising down the roads nice and slow, maybe like, 40 in a 55 zone. Just keeping my safe distance so I could stop safely Etc etc, I'd tap the breaks to warn people behind me to stay off my ass, etc etc.

    Well then comes this dick head in a diesel dodge.... HAULING ASS and passing people in 2 lane, coming STRAIGHT TOWARDS ME!
    I somewhat panicked, because I knew I wouldn't have been able to stop in a timely manner, so I just veered off the road into the ditch to safety... Well she was stuck... Tied boards to the tires to try to get traction, even had a Dodge Dakota guy come and try to rescue me, no luck lol, I almost pulled him in the ditch with me!

    Friend with a crew cab f350 came and pulled me out.

    The other time I recall, I got my old 84 k5 stuck in the pipeline near my house.

    It used to be a pond many years ago, now it's just a very low spot in the land where thick mud lies.
    I buried it up to the frame... Tried to get the s10.. It got stuck too! Lol

    Dad ended up rescuing me with the tractor thankfully.
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  4. Bextreme04

    Bextreme04 Full Access Member

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    May 13, 2019
    Salem, OR
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    Man, I need to go dig through my old army photos.. I was a recovery operator and I've got some knarly photos of heavy stuff getting stuck somewhere.

    Just a few memorable ones off the top of my head are getting a 70 Ton recovery vehicle completely submerged in a mud hole.. must have been a solid 10-12 feet deep and we drove straight into it thinking it was shallow(2-6ft deep) like the rest of them on the tank trail. All three of us bailed as soon as it went under and swam out of the hole. All you could see looking back at the hole was the two radio antenna tips sticking up out of the water. Then we had to swim a winch cable from another M88 out to it and dive down to connect it. This was in Oct-Nov in Kentucky... so not very warm. We finally pulled it out and of course the engine/trans and whole interior was completely full of mud and water so we had to tow it the 15 miles or so back to the motor pool. We had a pack of 4 M88's doing training and we managed to get 3 of the 4 stuck on the way back. The instructors weren't allowed to keep us after 5pm, so they threw the whole class into the one remaining M88 and drove us all back to the motor pool and then they had to all go out and get them unstuck. Apparently it took them until about 3am to get all 4 vehicles back to the motor pool. The next day we pulled it to the wash rack and opened up all the belly plates. Must have been a few thousand gallons of mud and water inside the hull. Then we drained the engine and trans fluid, put fresh fluid and filters in, and it fired right up. There is something to be said for "military grade".

    Another time we had to go recover a tank in Germany that was going over some steep "woopties" and the gunner let go of the hydraulic engagement handles. Instead of the gun tube staying level while the tank was pitching up and down, it locked almost full down, straight ahead of them, while going up the hill. Then when they went back down the other side, it lawn darted the gun tube right into the mud about 5 feet. Stopped it dead and shoved a solid 4-5ft of mud down the main gun tube. We ended up having to pull it backwards out of the mud and then replace the whole gun tube because we couldn't get the mud out without destroying it.

    Little more light duty story. In Iraq, I had to go recover a HMMWV because the entire wiring harness would start smoking when the battery switch was turned on(the operators swore they had no idea how it happened). Took a day or two of poking around and troubleshooting electrical and finding 12v on all the grounds before finally noticing that the starter power stud was resting on the frame(how the F?!?!). Then after a while poking around to figure out how that could happen, I figured out that the motor mounts had completely collapsed. They are a box on the HMMWV's and the sides were completely missing with just two flat plates resting on each other. When I went to talk to them and show them the broken mount, the driver asks if that could happen from jumping it over a small bump? Little more prying and come to find out they were chasing a guy across the desert and JUMPED A 10FT ANTI-TANK DITCH AT 60MPH!!!!!! They didn't think it was related to the smoke and electrical issues that started happening immediately afterwards:shrug:
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