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Jun 17, 2021 at 4:42 PM
Aug 19, 2010
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Kansas City, Mo

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Super Moderator, from Kansas City, Mo

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Jun 17, 2021 at 4:42 PM
    1. belay70
      Im not a new member, but I find that I cannot post a truck project for sale in KC. Can you adjust my privileges? Or is there a few KC guys who might be interested in my truck? Im in KCK, truck is a complete but disassembled 79 Chevy 3/4 ton 2WD with 3 spd. Rust is better than average, came from Nebraska. Looking to sell for $1000, PM me if you want more info? Thanks!
    2. Jerry White
      Jerry White
      I am new here and I was wondering if you could answer a question for me please i want to swap a 1986 c10 cab and front cap on to a 1980 c10 frame is it possible thank you
    3. Pmac
      How to I post?
    4. Snoots
      Some jackass called Dwaynecig is posting porn ALL OVER the GMSB site. They've got to go.
      1. Old77
        We got it handled. When they occur that time of night it's hard to get it knocked out too quickly because we're all asleep :) Thanks for the heads up, man.
        Apr 14, 2020
        Snoots likes this.
    5. Cammie Leggitt
      Cammie Leggitt
      Have a 77 k20. Was wondering if you had or voulx6 direct me to a diagram of the ductwork under the dash. Putting a basket case back together and most of it is missing. Thanks, Cam
    6. Squarek10
      I was wondering if you could help me with a issue on my 85 Chevy pickup 4x4 small block 700r np208 i believe.. when I am in drive, every time it shifts it’s not smooth. It feels like a ujoint but all my unjoints are tight. Reverse is the worst. It’s got quite a jerk/clunk. I have greased my drive line thinking it was just dry but still having the issue.. any advise would be very appreciated.
    7. Arlo
      Is there a way to change my profile name I just signed up. and did not realize i did it wrong
      1. Old77
        Yeah, but you'll need to get an Admin to do it for you. Shoot HotRodPC a message and he can get it done for you. Those of us in Green don't have the permissions to do it so it has to be someone in red.
        Apr 18, 2019
      2. Old77
        Welcome to GMSB, by the way
        Apr 18, 2019
    8. Onebad1983
      Yo what's up
    9. MarshMobbin907
      I was recently reading a post back from 2012 that you commented on a few times of you throwing NBS factory seats in a square body and you mentioned that you had a link to that project but I can't find it. Happen to still have those instructions still?
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      2. MarshMobbin907
        I left a comment in the thread because i honestly have no idea how to do that haha
        Nov 21, 2017
      3. John D Roberts
        John D Roberts
        I am also interested in doing that, as in putting seats from a newer regular cab in my 1974. I would also appreciate a link to that thread!

        Thank you.
        Jun 23, 2020
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      4. Old77
    10. jake wells
      jake wells
      hey cobb.
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      2. jake wells
        jake wells
        good i finally got a old square again and it isn't consumed with rust like pa pa's you know the self tapper screw special :lol:
        Oct 7, 2017
        John D Roberts likes this.
      3. jake wells
        jake wells
        350/th350 3:42 cold air and hot heat. its a 85 featuring the rare two tone color combo.
        Oct 7, 2017
        John D Roberts likes this.
      4. Old77
        Nice!! Sounds pretty cool :)
        Oct 8, 2017
    11. Turk
      Hello, I hope this message gets to you. I recently got a 1977 C20 and I have been researching like crazy to find a part. LMC doesn't even have it. I am trying to find the fresh air hose coming off the air cleaner assembly. Mine is falling apart and I'm in need of one. Do you know where to look for one? Or what I could do if I can't find one? Thanks a bunch!
      1. Wildjoe330
        If your talking about the metal one that goes under the aircleaner to the Exhaust manifold I have one not being used.
        Aug 21, 2017
    12. animal
      You know I wuv you mang :kiss:
    13. 89Suburban
      You fucking queer! :P
    14. 89Suburban
    15. 89Suburban
      That is a great pic of the GMT next to the body of water in your sig, Just imagine a boat behind it. :D
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