Double Dingo's 1991 Jeep Cherokee

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Aug 3, 2010
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The universe finally caught up to me,for all the ones I thought were easy, I can't remember EVER! getting my a$$ beat so hard by a car. The DD is a ford festiva I've had 7 of them over the course of 15 or so years. This car is the second to the rustiest car I've ever owned,it's actually a donor for a very nice one I have. P.O. did all the cool guy festiva forumn stuff to it. Mazda 16 valve motor,aspire rear suspension and brakes,Kia Rio front suspension and brakes,etc,etc etc. Then he sold it to me for pennies on the dolkar,with a truckload of spare parts. Anyway it ran and drove so good and was just a blast to drive,I know 15 second quarters aren't real fast but still fun in a car the size if a gokart. Anyways transmission gave up last night, last clutch I did on one was under 2 hours,so my confidence and stupidity were in full force. I pulled into the end of the driveway,blocking everything in,NBD 2 hour job. I had the engine and transmission out of one of the parts car,engine and transmission separated in 2 hours,that includes mowing around it and getting the cherry picker under it. So 11:30 I'm making coffee and something to eat,back out at noon,just got the transmission stabbed and tools/parts and me cleaned up cleaned its 6:30. Balljoint pinch bolt broke off in the knuckle,had to drill it out so I could separate the ball joint,and pull the axle. 2 misc, capured nut bolts broke off, 3 subframe bolts backed out 1/2 an inch then the captive nuts started spinning somewhere in the body thats inaccessible. P.O. rounded off a couple of bolt heads 1 in a recess, thank God I had the tools I needed to deal with it. Time to chill to beat up to even think about dinner right now. See I just realized I'm delirious and slap happy, I have no idea why I posted this in DoubleDingos jeep thread.

Lol, which thread did you intend to post it in? I'll move it.

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