1. Nick Heilman

    Stepside hardware help

    Hey guys need help finding the right hardware to mount and assemble and mount a 73-87 stepside bed. Going from an 8ft fleet to a 8ft stepside. Every bolt kit I've found is backordered with no estimated time. If someone could help me figure out the sizes of the bolts and nuts and how many I'd...
  2. Nick Heilman

    Wood stakes for step sides?

    Anyone know of or see a square body with a 6ft/8ft step side with the wooden stakes they put on older farm trucks? I only found one searching around I'll post the pic here so you guys know what I'm talking about. Drop your pics here if you have any
  3. P

    3/4 ton studs on half ton help

    Hello everyone, I’m somewhat new to the truck scene, and I have a few questions. I’m I like the think I’m pretty mechanically savvy, and I can tear apart a dirt bike or quad or really anything with a small engine, but as I get older, I’m getting more into the big leagues one could say. Anyways…...
  4. K

    52" VS 56" Rear Leaf Springs

    I have a 75 C10 Stepside and I'm changing the rear leaf springs. When I went online and purchased them from SD Springs, they only listed the 52" with a 4 leaf spring pack like I currently have. I "assumed" mine were 52" as all of the 56" had many more leafs. Okay, I admit I'm an idiot for not...
  5. jairie laplante

    1981 Stepside fenders

    i recently bought my 1981 Stepside and the guy i bought it from put 80s ford Stepside fenders on to replace the rotted Chevy ones. now since i bought the truck i want to buy replacement fenders to bring it back to the Chevy look. i have single tank on the drivers side and for the life of me i...

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