1. Juan Cano

    SOLD: 1986 C10 Interior Door Panels and plastic grill- In nice shape - $150

    I have a pair of blue door panels, in very good condition, for electric window truck. No major scratches or tears. Leather pattern on them. They come with the chrome door latch inserts, those are a little scratched. Also the rug part that go below. Those have been painted and are not as nice as...
  2. W

    Glove box issue

    How do I separate the metal cover from the glovebox? I have already removed the glove box lock but having a lot of trouble separating the two main pieces
  3. DieseltheWTBuck

    Saw something in the Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector movie

    At ~10:21, you can see Larry flip down the glove box panel where it'd say the model of his truck to reveal Moonpies in a hidden compartment. Is that something people make or something I'd have to fabricate myself? His is a '73-'79 C10 but mine's an '85 and I'm also wondering if they make them...
  4. devin bianco

    Seats, difference from 81-87 and 73-80

    Im looking for a seat cover from USA1 industries, the seat says its for 81-87 and its going on a 79 (tilting back) I like it because its the cheapest Just wondering if this was just a fabric or cloth design thing, i don't care about it being original. Or if its a minor enough difference that it...
  5. Mojave_Muse

    Storage boxes question: Suburban

    one thing I notice on the suburban vs a newer car, lack of cubbies. my daily has cubbies under the floor for the donut and jack and roadside stuff and my hitch n ball and stuff. so my thinking is the dead space between the wheel humps and the backseat (not using the 3rd row) build a couple of...
  6. 89k5Blazer

    Putting 89 blazer Dash back together

    So long story short I’m working on the Interior of my 89, Blazer. Replaced gauges and bulbs, new dash pad and am putting everything back together. I have a couple of questions... How do I reconnect the gear shift indicator? Im not sure where I attach the clip to on the steering column. Does...
  7. W

    Odd door panels

    I picked up a set of door panels the other day mainly because I’d never seem any others like them. They have bulky speakers from the factory. I cannot find anything similar on google images or LMC. Just curious if anyone has seen these or knew anything about them.
  8. ahoppj

    Funny sorry about my interior

    Bought the truck two weeks ago, from a guy in Sanford, NC. Took it home and took the bench out so I could clean underneath and what not. I found: 15 shotgun shells 6 empty beer cans 12 black and mild wrappers And a socket wrench. then I took the cover he had off the seat so I could wash...
  9. Phoenix

    Cup Holders?

    Hi all, any good ideas for a good cup holder? Willing to build or buy, just want some ideas. (How to build, where to place, etc.) Thanks for your time :)
  10. I

    1984 GMC 1500 Sierra, interrior passenger door handle sticking...

    I have an 84 GMC Sierra. The passenger door handle has become difficult to open from the interior. When you pull the lever to open the door to exit, its extremely tight. In fact, you have to press the lever closed, as it does not retract. The exterior button on the door handle is fine. Any...
  11. Phoenix

    Double Rear Sliding Window Latch 1974 K20

    Hey all, I'm looking for a replacement latch for my rear window, as the original is missing. From what Ive seen online, all the repros are junk. Any advice? Maybe send some pics so I know what one is supposed to look like? Thanks in advance.

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