1. AyWoSch Motors

    73-75 Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy cap and more

    73-75 specific Blazer/Jimmy, full length cap. Off my 75 blazer, white, in good shape. No damage, but paint/clear coat is worn away. Good solid glass on drivers side. Missing passenger side window, but I have another smashed cap with good passenger glass, that goes with it free. Also comes with...
  2. Powerhouse Ranch


    Now i briefly mentioned this in another thread but i didn't gain any traction: I would love to get a step bumper on the back of my '88 Jimmy when the time comes but i know that the original bumper is obviously a different style compared to the steps. The originals bolt to the frame in two with...
  3. Powerhouse Ranch

    Blazer/Jimmy Bench Seat

    Just got my '88 with two tan bucket seats and no bench seat. would highly enjoy getting the bench seat so that more may enjoy the experience. ANYTHING WOULD BE GREAT. thanks guys
  4. AyWoSch Motors

    Title problems, vin swap?

    Hello. I have a problem I hope you all can help me with. It has to do with registration and vins. I have a 1984 k5 blazer that was given to me years ago in trade for work. It's a nice truck, and I've been working on getting it going lately, only problem is I don't have a title, and the elderly...
  5. J

    Many Issues, Little Experience

    for starters. 1987 V10 Blazer Silverado 6.2 Detroit Diesel, she sat for 18 years, and has had basic maintenance done. previous owner replaced: rear shoes, diesel filter, and switched batteries over to top mount, im sure more small things were done. I have done: oil filter/oil, air filter...

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