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Warn hydraulic winch?

Discussion in 'Off-Roading' started by 77 K20, Aug 4, 2020.

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    Nov 9, 2012
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    HT383 fuel injected
    Putting an update on here. I ordered ORD's front tube winch bumper.

    The Warn hydraulic winch has an odd bolt pattern. Won't bolt to the ORD bumper without drilling new holes. Currently looking at the Mile Marker winches. Mile Marker says they need 3.5 GPM at 1,500 psi. And they will bolt right up.

    Mile Marker does make a winch that will work with factory power steering pumps. But it is almost twice as expensive (not worth it).

    I asked ORD what the specs are for the PSC power steering pumps. They said they are 4.5 GPM at 1,500 psi. So I have found the parts I need to order.

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