1. T

    Vapor lock or something else?

    I have a Quadrajet carbed 454, basic factory setup: stock mechanical fuel pump with heat shield-wrapped rubber fuel line (away from the block), factory-style tank and factory style sending unit with 2 fuel lines running the frame rail of the truck. Two issues/questions: - When the outside...
  2. legozombie

    Engine Stalling - Bad EVAP/Charcoal Canister?

    I tried doing some research and didn't find anything relevant so here is a new thread. There is a question at the end, I am just trying to give as much back story as I can. Without further adieu... So last week I was changing out the fuel sender on my stock 350 sbc QJet-M4M3 1983 K20 p/u and...
  3. Old man Lucas

    Q jet bolts question

    I know this is kind of a stupid question but. What size are the 80’s q jet bolts that attach it to the intake? Should I go to a local hardware store and get them or spend the 50$ to ship ARP bolts to Canada thru summit.
  4. Thesiger

    Edelbrock Adapter questions

    I have a 1986 K10 with a .305 and a VERY trash quadrajet that had an attempted rebuild. Just bought a used Edelbrock 1406 600 cfm to start over. I know I need an adapter, what what one? I've heard #5765 or #2696 as useable adapters, but can anyone confirm? And is there anything else that needs...
  5. E

    Carb not getting fuel

    So I left my project truck for some time, came back to it today and there’s no fuel coming into the carb from the accelerator pump in the Rochester quadrajet. Any help ? It worked fine couple months ago
  6. iamtherealJayy

    Quadrabog bogs

    Alright I’ve got another truck with you guessed it more problems. When I bought it I stalled the truck in the road at the guys house when I accelerated quickly, I assumed it was just because it was still cold. Nope, I had the truck up completely to temp today and it most definitely had less to...
  7. 86Peter454

    Quadrajet fast idle issue.

    hello guys. been a while since i posted on here. i havnt been driving my truck much but i decided to get it out and drive it some and i have an annoying issue with this quadrajet carb on my 454. it has an electric choke on it and at a time it worked fine but some time ago it seemed to stop...
  8. Mason Lawley

    Rebuilt Quadrajet

    Re-installed the quadrajet after doing my first carburetor rebuild. The first video is of the truck running without a foot on the pedal at all. Seems to idle high for awhile, and then eventually dies. Any help to point me in the right direction is much appreciated. Pictures of the carb at the...
  9. AyWoSch Motors

    Carburetor identification.

    So I bought a basket full of carburetors and gauges the other day at the flea market for 100 bucks. Out of the carbs. There was a Rochester 2 jet, 2 Quadrajet, and this unknown Rochester 4 barrel. Can anyone tell me what it is, what it goes to, specs, anything? And also anything about the 2...
  10. G

    Quadrajet Adjustment Question

    I currently have my idle screw all the way out , such that it is not tensioning the cable whatsoever or putting any pressure on the little plate at the end of the screw. my question is , am I supposed to tune the air/fuel mixture with base (minimal) tension on the cable (where the idle screw...
  11. chappy78

    Rochester Quadrajet $125 - Remanufactured, Purchased from Rock Auto Aug '19

    I have a nearly-new rebuilt Rochester Quadrajet Carburetor that I had briefly installed on my '78 K20 before I converted to Sniper EFI. I purchased it from Rock Auto in August of 2019 and had it on the truck until about October. It has less than 200 miles on the engine. It's a 4MV model...
  12. 86SquaredUp

    86 Sierra cuts off while driving. Seems to flood.

    1986 Sierra Classic. All original. 305, TH350, M4ME Quadrajet. This truck sat for around 2 years before I bought it. Fuel tank was empty when I got it. I changed the plugs and wires, changed the oil, filled the tank, replaced the battery, and it fired up. It ran great for 2 months and then one...
  13. OneShot

    Charcoal Canister Repack

    Fellas and Fellaesses, I'm about to wrap up a remanufacture of my Q-Jet (milled surfaces, pressed bronze bushings, retapped all the threads, seals, etc, etc ,etc.) and I plan on replacing all of the vacuum lines when I reinstall the carb. I was thinking yesterday - the charcoal canister needs...
  14. E

    1978 K10 w/ a SBC350 - Vacuum Lines Setup and Dirty Fuel

    I recently received a 1978 K10 4X4 on trade for an old 4-wheeler. The frame, suspension, and drivetrain has little-to-no rust, however, the body is pretty shot (floors practically gone, rust in the fender wells, etc.). The guy that traded it to me said his father used it as a daily driver, but...
  15. OneShot

    Quadrajet Secondaries Not Opening Fully

    Good evening all, I have been tuning my Q-Jet for the last several days as I drive it to campus and such. Haven't DDed the truck in a while and am getting it used some just to keep it from sitting. I tuned the choke / high idle cam first then the mixture a few days later when the engine was...

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