1. Big red square

    6 Lug front wheel studs Help

    I need longer wheel studs in the front of my 77 k10 Do i have to have the exact same groove spacing on the studs or any stud will work?
  2. roadmistress

    1987 6.2L 4x4 new to me and new to here!

    Well hey there. I thought my life was a little too simple so I added a 1987 6.2L 4x4 1500 Sierra Classic to the stable. It came with original manuals and a full maintenance journal all the way up to 125k. It's a Georgia truck so even though I'm in Ohio, it's damn solid. Two rust holes in the...
  3. Kentucky Cobra

    Will a TH475 Transmission fit my 1989 Chevrolet suburban V1500 4x4?

    Hey y’all how y’all doing I’m new here but I burnt my 700R4 on my 89’ Suburban 4x4 and need to find a replacement and I had my friend who has bunch of suburbans say he has a TH475 with 8k miles on in and replaced filters and the works but I don’t know if it will fit. I wanna know if it will be a...
  4. R

    manual trans 4x4 grinding lack of engaging on start

    I have a weird issue with my manual trans 4x4 1985 chev custom delux. I start the truck and then put it in 1st then have to rev it to get it to roll and then when revs get a little higher I get a grinding sound until I shift to a gear above ...there might be a slight burning smell of clutch...
  5. K

    New to the forum new ‘76 sierra grande owner, what is this button?

    Hi I purchased a 76 quarter ton sierra grande a few months ago, as you can see the previous owner put some modification into it. Any idea what this button on the floor near the parking brake does? It just depresses, no click.
  6. Subourbon

    4x4 doesnt work

    1982 k20 6 2 diesel suburban. Got hammered by snow today, and yesterday Fell into a ditch, went 4 hi and rocked it out. The 4wd light on the dash doesn't come on. But geez it must've been in 4x4 no way I would've gotten out of there in 2 hi. Parked up. Went to move it again to clear some...
  7. IdahoJOAT

    Looking at a 1984 and have questions

    I want to pick everyone's brain. So, got a chance to look at what I'm calling Lil Red last night. I want to buy it. My wife not so much. Especially if I get it for $2500 or less. He needed to pour fuel directly into the carb, but once it was running, it ran just fine. I didn't feel anything...
  8. Zayshley

    15x10 Steelies

    On the fence about ordering a set of 15x10 Steelies off Coker Tire (about $1200 CAD + finding hubcaps). Currently running a set of 16x10 Centerline Pro Convo’s on 315/75r16’s but I also love the look of the 15x10 steelies. Any opinions? My truck vs what I’m thinking of doing:
  9. Isaac nickerson

    Extremely loose steering

    Hey guys, I have a 77 k10 with a stock remanufactured Saginaw steering pump and gearbox. My truck is sitting on 35s and I have absolutely terrible steering response. I can go about back and forth with the steering wheel about 3 inches to either side and I'll still stay centered in the lane. I...
  10. Zayshley

    Fair price for a 4x4 TH350?

    I have a TH350 (no torque converter + unknown km) from a ‘80 Blazer that came with a NP205, was told it was working perfect before it was pulled out. Just wondering what’s a fair price to ask for it. ($CAD)
  11. Adrock23

    Hi from California

    Hi Everyone, I am here to ask some questions about my 1973 K20. Excited to get everything working as it should, This is my forever truck!
  12. Powerhouse Ranch

    '74 Crew Cab Dually 4x4

    I'm putting this in introduction because technically i'm introducing the truck, if it needs to be moved to a better section, so be it. Obviously. The adventure of a lifetime began on the 26. My brother told me the best square you can get ahold of is a 4wd crew cab dually, and he isn't wrong...
  13. M

    Newbie here but the truck is a 1978

    I've got a 1978 GMC that is complete just needs to find a new home to hang out at. Wife says its gotta go if i am not going to fix it up and drive it again. what would you think one could sell it for? It has sat for 10 years and both fuel tanks have rusted through but pour a little fuel in the...
  14. Marty

    Original 1982 Pathfinder 4x4 K-Van/Chevy G30

    For sale. A 1982 Chevy G30 with factory Pathfinder 4x4 conversion. Operational and registered. Review the revival here: https://www.gmsquarebody.com/threads/1982-chevy-g30-van-w-pathfinder-4x4-conversion.31309/ Asking $11,500 (OBO). Craigslist Ad...
  15. Preston Tucker

    Whats it worth? 6 bolt housing 205

    Hey all! I want this transfer case, its a 6 bolt housing Np205 I found locally but i think the listed price is too high, whats it worth? It looks like its been spray-bombed for camera but quite frankly looks like crap.
  16. Preston Tucker

    HELP! Nv4500 Swap, so many transfer cases so little time.

    Ive been looking on here for hours and could not find a thread with the information I need, maybe you all can help! Anything is appreciated. I am converting my 1974 k25 from a burnt th350 to a Nv4500. I have all the hydro stuff for the cab out of an 87 parts rig and tonight I bought a whole...
  17. Connor koehler

    My first square body Chevy!

    I just picked this bad boy up and I’ve already started to tinkering with it. It’s a 1980 k20 4x4 with a 454. I made a HD bumper soon to have a winch in it, and yesterday put some 2” lift springs on the front. I’m thinking of making this the family bug out wagon, I’ve got another battery and...
  18. Connor koehler

    New square body owner!

    I just picked this bad boy up and I’ve already started to tinkering with it. It’s a 1980 k20 4x4 with a 454. I made a HD bumper soon to have a winch in it, and yesterday put some 2” lift springs on the front. I’m thinking of making this the family bug out wagon, I’ve got another battery and...
  19. M

    Transmission and TCase identification (Muncie + NP)

    Based on reading online it sounds like this 4-speed with Low gear is a Muncie SM465 and the 4x4 Transfer case is NP205 - any recommendations for bolt pattern identification or otherwise? Where the truck currently sits boxed in can’t easily crawl under, but will move soon. Thanks - barn...
  20. Giant Rock

    The ultimate noob finally gets his dream truck - Hello from Joshua Tree

    I'm a rock climber from Joshua Tree, CA and I have been dreaming about a square body Suburban for years. The planets finally aligned and I got one last week. It is a 1990 4x4 and it is fuggin awesome! Finally I'm free to explore the desert in confidence and now I can take a bunch of friends...

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