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    HVAC Question

    Mine was missing this canister so I made one out of a stainless float (similar to a toilet tank float) from the scrap bin at work. Welded a hose barb on it, and got a check valve Tee fitting from Vatozone. It worked beautifully. I could hold full throttle as long as needed/wanted and the air...
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    Square Body Mechanic in San Antonio

    I live in Helotes and would be happy to help you out sometime.
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    1983 K5

    Oh, and 95% Nano Ceramic tint on the windshield. You don’t even know it’s there other than the amazing heat reduction. I no longer feel the sun cooking me and the dash pad. The family and I took it down to the coast over 4th of July weekend. My daughter slept in the backseat with a blanket, so...
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    1983 K5

    I’ve also recently added crossover steering, removed the bottom leaf from the front RC lift springs, and moved the axle 1” forward. Finally a smooth ride and no more rubbing. This past weekend I pulled the tailgate strikers off my K5 and a buddies Jimmy, welded up the wear grooves, and filed...
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    1983 K5

    I finally bit the bullet and got the Dakota Digital RTX gauges with the OBD2 interface. This is a very nice kit. Not a single complaint (other than the price).
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I had my windshield tinted a while back with some 95% nano ceramic I believe. Cost $160. Dude said it was supposed to block 85% UV, blah, blah, blah. Bottom line, do it. Worth every penny. No longer feel the sun baking my through the windshield. Instantly noticed AC worked better.
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    It took some test fitting to make sure the modules and connectors were set back far enough to clear the backside of the gauges but it all fit and the terminations can be accessed. On a side note, if your running a PCM, the check engine light input (on mine atleast required a “pull-up” resistor...
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I ordered through AZProPerfromance. Had them in my hands in a week.
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    What new tools have you got lately?

    And built these. The final product got narrowed 1/2 to better fit between the seat mounts.
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    What new tools have you got lately?

    Built a small sheet metal break.
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    Dakota Digital RTX
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    few parts I'm looking for?

    I used this on my 83 K5. It matches the metal corners perfectly. I make a point to put some 303 on it every time I wash the old girl and it still looks good 2 years later living out in the Texas sun...
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    Low Beam vs High Beam

    Stock is 2 on low and all 4 on high. I swapped to these a few years back and absolutely love them. Very bright, long range, and a very distinct cut off line on low. Z-OFFROAD 4pcs 60W Rectangular...
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    Driveline vibration

    Obviously the vibration is vehicle speed related. What frequency is it? Driveshaft speed? Wheel speed? (Driveshaft is 3.73 times faster than axle/wheel for example). For reference, drive shaft is usually a faster hum while wheel is a slower shake. Sort of like a lifter tapping is 1/2 engine rpm.

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