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    Stock Seatbelt Retractor Weight loose?

    Best I can suggest is just GENTLY wiggling things back and forth, see if you can see anything that looks out of place or is sticking out. Big question, did it use to work fine? If so, then probably like mine something came loose or something. Now if it hasn't worked in years, then who knows what...
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    Stock Seatbelt Retractor Weight loose?

    well wish I would have seen that beforehand! That probably would have saved some time wiggling and jiggling. FWIW I did finally wiggle the right thing, and a little plastic piece attached to a teeny metal spring clicked up, and now it works fine again. Probably just yanked it too hard or...
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    Stock Seatbelt Retractor Weight loose?

    Thanks AK guy, guess I should have posted a pic. Mine seems to be different from yours. take a look where I circled it in red, seems like there's a spring that's sticking out, holding the bar out. Like when you put in a kids' car seat, you pull the seatbelt out all the way, and it clicks back...
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    Stock Seatbelt Retractor Weight loose?

    Good afternoon. This is my 87 Suburban if it matters, passenger front seatbelt. After working fine since I got it, today a passenger tried to pull out the seatbelt and it was stuck, wouldn't budge. This was the lap retractor, shoulder side pulled fine. So I popped the cover, and it looks like...
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    6.2l K5 Hunter Package

    Hey if you do part it out, I'd be interested in those diesel gauges for my Burb...
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    Junkyard yellow marking pen?

    Howdy. I am trying to find one of those yellow markers like they use in junkyards. You know, they mark the part just right over the dirt and grime and yet nothing in the universe will clean it off? I thought they were grease pencils, or china markers, but I picked up a couple of those and they...
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    Like new AR23 rims and other exterior dress up

    thanks, I will pass that on to him. His is later, so he may not have the early holes all in place, but ya never know. Thanks
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    camping - sleeping platform-

    This is what you need - :)
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    Like new AR23 rims and other exterior dress up

    So you went from barn doors to a tail gate? Any pictures of that process by any chance? A buddy of mine is wanting to do the opposite, but having trouble finding pics of all that's necessary...
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    Winch Bumper wanted!!

    I'm looking for one also, but not finding anything I like...anybody welded up your own from scratch? Any guidelines for that?
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    Removing Suburban rear corner lower trim?

    OK so pretty much all the lower stick-on trim on my 87 Suburban Silverado was gone when I bought it. In fact the ONLY piece left is the lower rear corner piece, but it is not glued on, it seems to have some sort of clips. I have gently tried to pry it off with a putty knife, but it just wants to...
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    Optima Batteries worth the cost?

    So it looks like Sams Club has a Deka/East Penn Made in USA battery for $103, which is a LOT cheaper than everywhere else, if that's not junk...Walmart is only $88 (both 3 year batteries) but I can't find out the manufacturer of it. From more and more poking around it seems like Deka is better...
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    Optima Batteries worth the cost?

    So the 'Burb needs batteries, (6.2 diesel, so dual battery setup) and I want to get the biggest/heaviest duty ones I can. Also long-lasting would be a big plus. It looks like I can get an optima red top, same size, CCA, for about $60 more than the "platinum" series. So my question is it worth...
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    Fender emblem removal

    Yeah one is broken already, that's one reason i was going to take it off, but the more "in one piece" I can remove it the better. But good to know, I will be extra careful. thanks,
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    Fender emblem removal

    gotcha, now to see if I can squeeze a wrench in there...thanks...

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