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    Looking for AM/FM Radio

    Crutchfield has adaptors if needed
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    What's this? (x2)

    Hi, still looking for a receiver type hitch that will work with a glide-out spare tire carrier, I would prefer to keep the carrier as it came with the truck. Thanks
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    OER compared to LMC

    Thanks, i have the LMC and am having problems. Was interested in a bezel with the aluminum trim pre-installed. Can’t seam to get the trim to lay down flat with the LMC
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    OER compared to LMC

    Anyone have any dealings with Cheyenne Pickup Parts?
  5. Loren

    OER compared to LMC

    All of the above done. Let the cab sit in the sun today and was able to massage it in better, still a work in progress.
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    Adding A/C

    Try Classic Auto Air very knowledgeable people
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    OER compared to LMC

    Replaced dash bezel and trim, LMC bezel looks good but the alum trim came flat but when installed looks warped and won’t stay down. I’ve used usa1 and OER, my question is are these all coming from the same mfg. I was thinking of ordering the OER version to see it’s of better quality.
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    ‘84 Stepside ready for paint!

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    Question about R4 "Pancake" AC compressors

    Fast99 is correct, oils are not compatible. If you switch to 134a you will need to use an ester oil. PAG oil found in current 134a systems is a corrosive and can destroy the evaporator. Replace the accumulator, hose sets are available, drain and fill compressor with Ester oil and fill with the...
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    Age of our members

  11. Loren

    Is this grille worth trying to fix?

    GM reproduction from LMC
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    Turn signal bulb replacement

    I just installed my 4 light grill and the turn signal lights appear to be difficult to change with the grill installed. The grill has three screws on the bottom, middle screw facing up. The five remaining screws attach through the top of the radiator support. It might be possible by just...
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    ‘84 Stepside ready for paint!

    Just about done! Got the grill and bumper on yesterday
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    Rear Window Sliding Glass

    I like the idea, maybe tint the shell windows. And don’t forget to check the license plate light. No one enjoys getting pulled over
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    Rear Window Sliding Glass

    Reassembly in process, rear done except for the glide out spare tire carrier. Still need to install the grill and front bumper.

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