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    Squeaky Belt(s)

    I used an upside down exclamation mark for the "i" to skate past it.
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    Squeaky Belt(s)

    Another thing that usually doesn't happen... but *can*, is a pulley with a worn out groove. I had that on a reman alternator on my 1975, which had a cast aluminum pulley that wore enough that the belt bottomed out in it while the vee section wasn't very snug. Have even seen it happen to a steel...
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    Electric fuel pump timer or relay?

    It did, though I gotta admit that it took me a fairly long time to come up with the idea and make a working circuit... then a bunch more to figure out that I just needed to add a diode to stop the fuel pump from backfeeding into the seatbelt light and lighting it up whenever the engine was...
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    Electric fuel pump timer or relay?

    Quite a few years ago, I wired a seatbelt light/buzzer timer to the fuel pump relay to get a 5-7 second prime on a furrin car I used to own... an oil pressure switch controlled the pump after that. Looks like there are plenty of off the shelf solutions readily available today.
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    10si vs cs130D

    To carry that kind of current reliably, I'd want to see no less than 2AWG, and preferably better than. Truth be told, 180 amps is probably so overkill for the application that it'd be hard to work up a load that's even 50% of that... unless you're running a dozen aircraft landing lights and/or...
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    1973 c10 emergency brake light

    IIRC, not all of the early squares had parking brake warning lights. If you do, it's a brown and white wire going to a switch tucked on the upper left of the fuse panel. The brake failure valve is self-resetting, so should turn itself off when you have adequate pressure on both sides of the...
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    Flushed my brake fluid... definitely not worth taking pictures of, but doing this every few years has kept my original master cylinder, calipers, and wheel cylinders alive. Still sticking with the hygroscopic glycol based stuff, since my experiments with silicone didn't work too well on other...
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    Too Low

    Higher profile tires will gain you some road clearance quickly and easily, though you're short on fender-to-tire clearance, and would probably hafta go with different wheels. I'd be looking at returning it to stock ride height... then you could still use the current rolling stock. I'm the type...
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    Dome/Cargo/Courtesy Light Question

    Yep, it can be a little confusing, as the white wire *will* show hot when it's not being grounded through one of the switches... the power flows through the bulb filaments to the white wire when it's just floating there with no connection to ground. If you pulled all the bulbs out of the dome...
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    Dome/Cargo/Courtesy Light Question

    The dome/courtesy light circuit works backwards from most of the other circuits in the truck; the orange is the hot wire, and is hot all the time. The white wire(s) is/are an open circuit until either of the door switches or the headlight switch creates a path to ground. You would need to...
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    H6054 is the number for large square headlights... H4656 is the low and H4651 is the high beam for the four headlight trucks. Don't ask me how I can spit up those numbers from memory, haha.
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I covered 3 of the headlights with pieces of pizza box so that I could aim each one independently... apologies for the blur... the lens on my iToaster is full of dust.
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I finally finished up with converting from the HID headlights I installed about 20 years ago, back to plain old sealed beams after one of the HID's burned out last summer... took awhile to line up the sealed beams I wanted, and to remove the mess of ballasts and ignitors, get new adjustors to...
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    aircraft grade materials

    Ford also used the swiss cheese method to lighten their light truck frames for 1980. They must have taken it a bit too far, as solid frame rails reappeared for 1982.
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    Lost an ignition module. Why?

    Yes! Was just gonna say this...

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