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    Help with Edelbrock carb

    Sounds like a clogged idle circuit. Remove both idle air screws and apply 40 psi regulated air to the screw holes. You may want to remove the top of the carb and make sure the bowls are clean before trying again. Lastly use a quality fuel filter like a WIX paper element fuel filter. Those...
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    New girl here....Dad was a mechanic on the side

    Welcome to the forum! I inherited my dad's square when he passed too. I have good plans for a basic upgrade, not veering far from stock but running much better than stock. Hope you stick around, there's a lot of good, helpful folks around here.
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    gas tank info please

    This ethanol 0bama gas can cause a lot of water in the tank causing your pickup tube to rust and get a pin hole in it. Like the others said though work your way to the back.
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    NP203 Differences Early vs Late Design

    I wont be much help here, the ORD guys would be the best source. I know there's a year break but not sure when. I think 76 was the last year for the yoke style front output. As long as ORD says it's safe to run I would go with it. I know you can get external speedo correctors that may fill the...
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    I am looking to buy a k10. How to choose?

    Check the frame rail at the steering box for cracks. Also check the rear shock mounts at the frame for cracks. The Fallguy made a lot of people think these trucks can take incredible jumps. As mentioned above I personally would look for a nearly original with as few mods as possible being done...
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    Welding help needed.

    Also be sure to clean your welding points of paint and rust but dont get too crazy with the grinder or your metal will be too thin. A lot of new panels have "weld-through" primer on them but I clean that off too. a sanding flap wheel or disc might work better than an angle grinder. I've had a...
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    heated bench seats

    A friend gave me a thing you put on your seat that does heat and massage. I never used it because my bad back doesn't benefit from vibration but second thought the heat part would be nice when it's ice cold outside.
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    Welding help needed.

    Another thing that can have a negative effect is if you're using a long, light-duty extension cord, like a 100' 18 gauge cord. The voltage drops when you arc up and nothing's consistent, amperage or wire speed. After the initial voltage drop it will recover, then spike, and now your setting is...
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    Shade tree gear change

    I don't know if you'll get the bearings off with an arbor press, you might be able to, they're rated at about 2 tons. I have this 10-ton hydraulic from Northern. You may end up having to take the carrier and pinion to a shop and have them do the press work and hope you get the shims right the...
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    Shade tree gear change

    Richmond or USA Gear. I would stay away from Motive Gear. Make sure you have an assortment of steel slugs and chunks of heavy bar stock for the press, and make sure the press's operating range is large enough to place the whole carrier in. Removing the bearings can be a real bitch. I did a write...
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    Shade tree gear change

    R&P swap isn't impossible, especially since it's 2WD, only 1 set to do. You'll need a caliper micrometer, dial indicator, hydraulic press or access to one and a bearing cup, and a good, high-torque air impact in the neighborhood of 450 ft/lbs or better. You'll need a thick gear set to run 3.73s...
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    Piston Ring Gap Placement

    Mine said 180 degrees across from each other parallel with the crank centerline.
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    1982 Suzuki GS1100G "Preppercycle"

    Mine would peg the 85mph speedo in 2nd gear, and it had 5 gears. Tach was registered for 12k with an 11k redline and would easily pull into the red. Once on a long straight stretch in the middle of the night I pulled 5th gear into the 8k range, no idea how fast I was actually going but I'd...
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    1982 Suzuki GS1100G "Preppercycle"

    We have "walking dead" going past our house all day and night. Cool project, I had an 82 GS 750 and that sonofabitch was FAST.
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    Dana 60 front axle

    Large commercial vehicles like dump trucks, flatbeds, large tow vehicles, etc. Their WMS-WMS measurement makes them much too big for pickups.

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