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    ISO: 1983 C30 grille, right headlight bezel

    Thanks for the reply! I've looked at LMC truck before, but I'm not familiar enough with this supplier to know what to choose in the vehicle selector dropdown to ensure I get the right parts. I see C10 and C20 in the dropdown, but no C30.
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    ISO: 1983 C30 grille, right headlight bezel

    I'm new to the forum and don't have enough posts to make a post in the Classifieds section; Sorry! Looking for members selling exterior parts to fix up this neglected C30. I've attached a photo. I'm looking for a grille, driver-side headlight bezel/trim, and any hardware to mount the headlight...
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    1983 C30 Dually

    New squarebody owner and new to the forum! Recently picked up a 1983 C30 dually to be used as a farm truck. It's got a gen I 350ci backed by a TH400, and a sweet Edelbrock carb on some kind of aluminum intake. It really needs a nice seat cover if anyone has some suggestions? Less critically it...

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