Best Set-up for plowing, Dream rig

Discussion in 'Off-Roading' started by twinturbo427, Oct 13, 2017.

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    If I ever get this TBI swap done and my brakes complete, I'll post up a pic of our snow plowing rig. 78 K15, gen 1 350, TH350. I would recommend a limited slip rear, I don't think you need front or rear lockers. To each their own. We don't get a lot of wet heavy snow here so am rarely at a weight disadvantage on the truck vs. the snow. If I am, I put some sand bags in the back. And most if not all plow blades float so if the snow gets too deep, hard or wet the blade will float on top. Also remember all that weight has to get pulled out if you ever get stuck. Auto trans is nice for efficiency. A great set of tires is required. Studs, if allowed in your state are awesome.

    Get a huge headache rack mounted LED light. At least on the older plows, the lighting isn't very good and often times is partially blocked by the plow blade itself.

    Oh, and throw in a shovel and tow strap (for the other guy).
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