door panel

  1. Juan Cano

    SOLD: 1986 C10 Interior Door Panels and plastic grill- In nice shape - $150

    I have a pair of blue door panels, in very good condition, for electric window truck. No major scratches or tears. Leather pattern on them. They come with the chrome door latch inserts, those are a little scratched. Also the rug part that go below. Those have been painted and are not as nice as...
  2. W

    Odd door panels

    I picked up a set of door panels the other day mainly because I’d never seem any others like them. They have bulky speakers from the factory. I cannot find anything similar on google images or LMC. Just curious if anyone has seen these or knew anything about them.
  3. Mojave_Muse

    Door Plastics and door glass questions.

    for sitting 12 years the suburban is in pretty good shape, but the drivers door panel has crumbled at the lip next to the glass. the rest of the panel is solid but that's prime arm resting real estate so my question being, how do you fix such a hole? Epoxy some hardboard inside and bondo a new...

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