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    Th400 Dipstick Length

    GMC 1991 Suburban 3/4T, 4wd, 6.2L diesel. Last year I had a problem in that the dip stick tube broke at the mounting. I found the tube by doing a search using the part number on the dipstick 15659781. My dip stick length measures 34 1/4” with the handle folded. Do a search for your dip stick...
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    Body Panel Parts for Suburbans

    I would think so. This vendor states that the fleet side panel of a pickup will fit a suburban. It would have to be trimmed at the rear door opening. This is the webpage for This...
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    Body Panel Parts for Suburbans

    From my understanding the wheelhouse/tub for a pickup is larger than a suburban tub. In an earlier posting there are photos of a pickup tub installed in a suburban. The 50076L fits between the tub and panel. I have attached a photo of a suburban showing the wheelhousing and the outer wheelhousing.
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    Body Panel Parts for Suburbans

    I have the part 50076L it is available from various vendors. All of the body parts I have used are made in Taiwan. Shop around for the best price. I found that prices can vary significantly. One vendor for body and other parts is LMC. They have a catalog specifically for the squarebody...
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    Body Panel Parts for Suburbans

    Hi, I went through looking for rear panels for my 1990 V2500 GC Suburban 3/4T, 6.2L diesel. I found a few suppliers of the body panels. One was The problem with the panels is shipping. Currently the panels from them cost $47.98. The kicker is that it cost $150.79 shipping and...

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