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    Single glass side window/Wing delete

    That’s a great idea. I have a one piece setup on order and have been doing body work on the doors anyway. I’m going to give this real consideration. Thanks for the tip!
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    ‘86 Wiper/Washer Switch Relocate

    Yeah, it’s a little bulb that uses the common ground and its own hot lead which I’m assuming is on the same circuit at the dash lights, so they all dim together.
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    Driver Floor Pan

    It is available. The shipping cost was a deal-breaker.
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    Driver Floor Pan

    So… The local mail store gave me a quote of $71 to ship it to the next state over from me! So if someone wants to get ripped off on shipping, that’s fine with me… Alternatively, I’m in Danbury CT so if someone wants to pick it up, I can do that.
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    ‘86 Wiper/Washer Switch Relocate

    I did some tinkering just now. The switches are compatible and the wiring is about as easy as it can get without being plug and play. The harness colors match (pink to pink, black to black, etc) and then you’ll have to add one wire to power the backlight on the switch. It should just come...
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    Driver Floor Pan

    The thing I wanted is basically an inner rocker that extends into the cab, both for the seat hump and edge of the floor pan. It’s the “outer cab floor section” FRP0870. I bought a full size floor pan, as well as a bunch of other pieces. They have it listed as FRP8700 and I guess the part...
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    35” Parking Brake Cable

    These things come in a bunch of different sizes, so naturally I got the wrong one the first time I tried. It’s 35” long. New, never pulled tension. Tried to install and realized it didn’t reach. Doesn’t come with clips or any other hardware. $20 including shipping in the US.
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    Driver Floor Pan

    Howdy, squares. I’ve got a floor pan from Brothers, PN FRP87LH. It wasn’t the part I ordered (very close part number to the correct one, so I see how the mistake happened in the warehouse), so they sent me the right one. They never arranged to ship this one back and I doubt they’d bother; the...
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    ‘86 Wiper/Washer Switch Relocate

    Sorry for the green hue. Truck’s covered with a green tarp right now and it’s too cold to mess with it right now. First thing I noticed, the column switch harness I have (w/o intermittent) has one fewer wire than the dash switch. My guess is that extra wire powers the light in the switch...
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    ‘86 Wiper/Washer Switch Relocate

    Did you ever get this figured out? I’m planning to do the opposite of this to my ‘83; move it up to the column. I’ll snap a pic of the harness that goes into the switch for you. Maybe we’ll get lucky and the wire colors will be the same…
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    1986 C 10 Steering column

    If you already bought a new column complete and ready to go, it’s a pretty easy job; a few bolts and couple wiring harnesses. The steering wheel is the more difficult bit. If you want to keep the ignition lock you already have, then it’s more complicated.
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    Steering Column teardown

    If the other positions still work, but it won’t crank, then the rod’s probably bent. You could try to straighten it out by sticking tools over the column to push it into the right shape. But if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to pop the mounting screws so you can get at the rod and switch to...
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    Twin Fuel Tank Idea

    Ah…. Yes. The driveline. Hadn’t given it much though IN the vehicle. Mine is all sorts of disassembled… Would still like to find a way to have better capacity without having to fill multiple tanks.
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    K10 to C20 frame

    I’m thinking if you did a new VIN, it’d then be subject to 2022 CA emissions standards. So unless you wanna do a Tesla swap…
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    Twin Fuel Tank Idea

    I know this has been discussed previously, but I couldn’t find the thread. The idea of having 2 tanks that are both feeding the motor, to eliminate the need for a tank switch, has been knocking around my melon for quite some time and I think I came up with a solution. I drew a quick diagram...

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