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What's the newest model steering column anyone has installed in their square body?

Discussion in '2wd Pick-Ups C/R 20 2500 C/R 30 3500' started by Rusty Richardson, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. Rusty Richardson

    Rusty Richardson Junior Member

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    Feb 11, 2020
    Snyder Oklahoma
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    12 valve Cummins
    New to the forum here. I'm doing a 12valve Cummins Allison 1000 swap in my 89 R3500. Planning on installing the steering column from an 08 Silverado for the transmission control buttons on the shifter and steering wheel cruise buttons. Besides I just like a challenge. Is there anyone out there that has swapped one that new into a square body? Kinda wondering if the wiring in the 08 column is made to handle 12v supply or if they are all low voltage signal wires Any info or suggestions would be appreciated!

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