Transmission filter bolt leaves filter loose/floppy


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Jul 3, 2012
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Thanks Bextreme04! I wish I'd asked this forum before I bought the parts, those amazon prices are better than O'Reily's. I'll keep an ear out for the loud whine on cold starts to see if I've messed up or not. (fingers crossed)

I wouldn't risk it. If you got the dacron "white" media filter, it will starve the transmission for fluid. Get the brass style filter, your 400 will thank you. When I bought my truck the filter that was in it was the brass kind, and the one I bought was the brass kind, I didn't even know about the dacron kind. Fast forward a few years and I decided to do a fluid drain and fill and replace the filter. The filter I wanted was the Purolator filter, but they didn't have it anymore, so I got the ATP filter which has the dacron media. The purolator is the brass kind. I contacted purolator and they told me they don't make the transmission filters anymore. Well that sucks! Thinking that I had a bunch of debris that blocked the new filter, you know, because of the whine upon start-up and when shifting manually, I bought another ATP filter to replace the one that was only a few weeks old. I bought the purolator filter from pep boys, and they are the ones that carry the ATP filters. I even checked with the parts store I have an account with, and they only had the dacron style filters. Not cool. So after a few weeks, the first ATP filter I removed wasn't clogged at all, there wasn't much debris in the pan, nothing that screamed the trans was toast. The second ATP filter did the same exact thing. So I found a transmission shop in town that would sell parts, and got the good brass filter. Dropped the pan again, put in the brass filter, and the whine was gone. No whine upon start-up, no whine when shifting manually. Luckily I didn't drive it a long time with the ATP filters in there, but I am certain there is some damage from the dacron filter. Get the brass style filter for your TH400.

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