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manual clutch linkage issues

Discussion in 'Manual Transmission & Clutch' started by JohnnyVanZyl, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. JohnnyVanZyl

    JohnnyVanZyl Junior Member

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    Nov 20, 2020
    ontario canada
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    1979 , 1975
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    k30, C30
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    350, 454
    hey guys, i just picked up a 79 k30 with a 350/465/205 in it, the clutch pedal goes straight to the floor and the clutch " works " in that theres no issue getting into a gear with the motor running, but when i let off the pedal it comes up maybe an inch max, i have to pull it the rest of the way with my foot and thats if it even comes up at all, sometimes it wont. the Zbar looks fairly healthy, theres some slop in the ends (linkage and the adjuster pin ) but the bushings are pretty good. There was only a spring holding the adjuster rod in place ( spring was from the Zbar to the clutch fork ) and apart from the big spring on the pedal assembly, there was nothing under the truck and there is nothing under the dash spring wise, but i can see a spot that looks like it should have one. when i was messing around with everything it looked like the fork had a pile of slop inside the clutch. it flopped up and down and front too back, the guy said the clutch was just put in but it needed springs, i have 0 experience with manual squares all i know are class 8s, is it possible that it just needs more springs? anybody have any pics of any springs below/ under the dash? all i can find so far is a diagram showing a spring from the clutch fork to the frame, and an adjuster with a longer pin that uses a spring back to the fork as well as having a pin hole for a cotter key. sorry this is so long, im going in blind being new to the truck and new to manual squares. not getting any chatter or awful noises out of the clutch but its definitely annoying having to toe the pedal back up, thanks guys

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