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First engine project...swap just vortec heads onto old block or swap entire vortec?

Discussion in 'Engine Swaps (Gas) LS, Vortec, LT1 , etc.' started by Warkmeister, Jul 17, 2019.

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    May 10, 2018
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    hello everyone, please pardon the dumb questions for my first swap here. My 81 K30 crew has a 350 with bad valves in both heads and I have a trip coming up in about a month that I really need to be able to use my own truck instead of putting someone else out. I have a free, was running well, 97 5.7 vortec available to me that has 160k on it. Currently running an sm465, and the vortec had an auto. I’d keep the manual in the truck for the swap and move the clutch over. I want to stay carbed, as my current 350 has an Edelbrock 1406 and headers that I believe I can reuse. In my limited research it looks as though I can swap all my accessories over to the vortec (old style water pump, mechanical fuel pump, pulleys), add a new vortec carb intake, and bolt on my carb. Could it really be that simple?

    Due to time and the engine I have access to, what is my cheapest fastest option?
    1. Valve job on both current heads?
    2. Swap vortec heads and buy vortec carb intake? (Do I need new pushrods?)
    3. Swap the entire vortec with my older sbc accessories?
    4. Other?

    All this to say, this is a short, 1 year solution until I’ve gathered all the parts and tools to finish my 89 non-ic 12 valve swap in this truck. Thank you. I look forward to the knowledge of the masses.

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