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1974 GMC non reproduced patch panels

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by legopnuematic, Mar 25, 2020.

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    Oct 27, 2016
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    1974, 1976, 1979, 1985
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    Sierra 10, C10 Cheyenne, C10 Big Ten, Silverado 10
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    350 c.i., 350 c.i.
    The Faithful 74 GMC that has gone on to save at least 5 other squares (from parts I had alone) is ready to go on and save some more. What I have here is the remnants of the cab that are all pretty nice parts and are parts that are not reproduced.

    Pricing will be dependent on what pieces are needed and such. I am not in any rush to move these parts so I can hold them for as long as needed (especially with the craziness in the world right now.) Shipping Via USPS for the smaller stuff. Located in Saint Peters, Missouri.

    Starting with the dash, Very nice shape with uncut radio and all 73-74 specific bracing. I had removed this by drilling the spot welds out so it is the entire dash. Would prefer local pickup on this and to not cut it up.
    IMG_20200325_162803940.jpg IMG_20200325_162810131.jpg
    This is the inside of the cowl that would be part of the lower firewall and meet up to the windshield lip. Very nice shape on this. I can cut any needed parts out of this piece.
    IMG_20200325_162817178_HDR.jpg Lower firewall piece. Same deal as above, can cut whatever is needed off this.
    IMG_20200325_162824068_HDR.jpg Inside kick panel areas, the lower kick panels are junk, but the piece they mate to that house the vent bucket holes are in very nice shape and as some know, no one reproduces these but are often rusty. The lower a pillar on the other sides are in fair shape too although the drivers side is dented at the hinges from the door swinging in before. Can cut anything out of these aswell.

    I have some other parts too that are in storage right now such as the lower B pillars and the seat hump too.

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