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  1. oldretiredafguy

    The ultimate noob finally gets his dream truck - Hello from Joshua Tree

    Welcome from N. Texas!!! Your first photo looks like the Lucerne Valley. We lived in Apple Valley from 1988-1991. I just brought a 1991 V-Suburban from San Jose back here to Texas. Goes into paint next week. MIke
  2. oldretiredafguy

    New from the Netherlands (Europe) • 1980 GMC C1500 Stepside

    Welcome to the forum from N. Texas!! Great looking truck. I like that you found a stepside. My family and I used to drive over to Domberg to camp on the beach. We always found your countrymen to be very warm, friendly and welcoming. Let me know if you need to have some parts chased down...
  3. oldretiredafguy

    Wheel and tire size suggestion- C20 Camper Special conversion to C10

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I think there are a whole slew of great looking 8 lugs wheels out there. The early Ford 8 lug "Holy" wheels look just like the 5 & 6 lug factory GM alloy wheels. There are also some 8 lug Dodge wheels from the '99-'02 3/4 ton trucks that look great.
  4. oldretiredafguy

    Help! Cheap tailgate hinges

    Double post. :(
  5. oldretiredafguy

    Help! Cheap tailgate hinges

    Thanks! :)
  6. oldretiredafguy

    Help! Cheap tailgate hinges

    Pla Please let us know which vendor supplies these. :driver:
  7. oldretiredafguy

    New Member Old Truck ! Any ideas ?

    Keep the longbed, or sell it to me!
  8. oldretiredafguy

    '86 K5 Rear Folding Seat For Sale

    N.S. I was going to order two side emblems from Classic Ind for one of the Suburbans. The shipping was going to be $26.95. They still own them.
  9. oldretiredafguy

    15x7-6 lug vintage aluminum turbine mag

    They look like the mid '80's Corvette wheels; but all the Vette wheels were 5 luggers.
  10. oldretiredafguy

    Chevy hub caps, and center caps.

    Thanks Are you in Las Cruses? Mountain range in the background looks like it.
  11. oldretiredafguy

    Chevy hub caps, and center caps.

    Love the two-tone paint. This isn't the same truck as your first photo? Please ask for closer photos, assuming he wants to sell them.
  12. oldretiredafguy

    Chevy hub caps, and center caps.

    The wheels in your photo are definitely aftermarket. This is a photo of one of my two 6 lug OEM unrestored wheels.
  13. oldretiredafguy

    Chevy hub caps, and center caps.

    Are these OEM GM, or aftermarket?
  14. oldretiredafguy

    Chevy hub caps, and center caps.

    6 lug please. The 5 lug is identical to the 6 in appearance. Swiped that photo to show how a fully restored wheel looks!
  15. oldretiredafguy

    Chevy hub caps, and center caps.

    Since you seem to be selling all of your round rolling goodies, I need 2 OEM 6 lug alloy wheels/rims if you happen to have a couple you're not using. :)
  16. oldretiredafguy

    Hi, everybody.

    Welcome From N. Texas! Lots of folks on the forum with a ton of knowledge and experience. Ask away!! We all need photos please!!! :signs8:
  17. oldretiredafguy

    New here

    Welcome from N. Texas!. Great looking original truck. Love the Factory hubcaps. I think the site limits posting in the For Sale and Wanted sections to folks with less than 50 posts. Please keep us all informed as to your progress in your restoration. :33:
  18. oldretiredafguy

    Side Post Battery Cables

    I'm getting tired of fiddling with the side terminal system. Has anyone changed theirs out to a traditional top system? Did you find ready made cables, or did you make your own? If you made your own, how did you deal with the small wires?
  19. oldretiredafguy

    picked up my first.

    Amen brother!
  20. oldretiredafguy

    OPINION: Favorite Two-Tone Paint Schemes...

    Like everyone else, I pull off photos of paint schemes I like where ever I find them. Don't remember where this '76 Suburban came from, but it was at a truck show in Austin TX last. I hope the truck owner and photographer don't mind me borrowing the image (better to ask for forgiveness than...
  21. oldretiredafguy

    FNG saying hi

    Welcome from N. Texas! Love those crewcabs!
  22. oldretiredafguy

    Old Delco 2700 "ETR"

    Name and address please. :worthy:
  23. oldretiredafguy

    Lares vs Cardone steering box reman not Saginaw?

    Any wrecking yards in your area? Try to find a factory steering box and send it to Redhead Steering for a rebuild. <>
  24. oldretiredafguy

    15s and 16s

    I bought some 5 lug 16” wagon wheel style rims from Discount Tire for a trailer. They had to order them overnight, but they are available.

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