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  1. NCBurb

    Stock Seatbelt Retractor Weight loose?

    Good afternoon. This is my 87 Suburban if it matters, passenger front seatbelt. After working fine since I got it, today a passenger tried to pull out the seatbelt and it was stuck, wouldn't budge. This was the lap retractor, shoulder side pulled fine. So I popped the cover, and it looks like...
  2. NCBurb

    Junkyard yellow marking pen?

    Howdy. I am trying to find one of those yellow markers like they use in junkyards. You know, they mark the part just right over the dirt and grime and yet nothing in the universe will clean it off? I thought they were grease pencils, or china markers, but I picked up a couple of those and they...
  3. NCBurb

    Removing Suburban rear corner lower trim?

    OK so pretty much all the lower stick-on trim on my 87 Suburban Silverado was gone when I bought it. In fact the ONLY piece left is the lower rear corner piece, but it is not glued on, it seems to have some sort of clips. I have gently tried to pry it off with a putty knife, but it just wants to...
  4. NCBurb

    Optima Batteries worth the cost?

    So the 'Burb needs batteries, (6.2 diesel, so dual battery setup) and I want to get the biggest/heaviest duty ones I can. Also long-lasting would be a big plus. It looks like I can get an optima red top, same size, CCA, for about $60 more than the "platinum" series. So my question is it worth...
  5. NCBurb

    Are cheap welding helmets any good? (recommendations?)

    Howdy. it looks like my old auto-darkening welding helmet has bit the dust, so time to find a new one. As little as I weld I hate to spend $150 or more, but at the same time, you only have one set of eyes, so I definitely don't want to take any chances. I'm just wondering if the Harbor freight...
  6. NCBurb

    What to save before junking toyota & Mercury?

    Howdy, I am helping clean up some stuff, including 2 old dead cars that an elderly family member still has sitting for over 20+ years. Unfortunately nothing exciting, but I'm wondering if there's anything worth taking off before getting them hauled off to the junkyard. First is a 90s toyota...
  7. NCBurb

    Anybody got Carfax?

    Just wondering if anyone has a carfax setup. I'm trying to find out the backstory on my Suburban, which somehow has made it to the East Coast from Washington state (dealer emblem). It's nothing urgent, and I figure the $50 one time fee is better spent on parts, but if anyone already has an...
  8. NCBurb

    need 6.2 diesel starter bracket

    6.2 Brackets by NCBurb posted Nov 2, 2020 at 8:03 PM6.2 Brackets by NCBurb posted Nov 2, 2020 at 8:03 PMSo I need one of these brackets for my 6.2 starter, it's the older style for the direct drive starter. I have found them on ebay for an arm and a leg, just hoping someone has one for a decent...
  9. NCBurb

    Suburban 3rd row seat/Blazer back seat floor mounts

    Howdy. I am just beginning the process of adding a 3rd row seat to my 87 Suburban, which never had one. I picked up a floor section with mounts from a parts rig, and have been thinking the best/safest way to add the mounting "buckets" from the floor to mine. At first I thought they were spot...
  10. NCBurb

    not-shiny bumper bolts?

    Howdy. I am getting ready to put a set of CUCV bumpers on, as I like the matte painted look. I will be replacing the bolts since most of them got trashed in the removal process. My question is, does anyone make a paintable set? All I can find are stainless/chrome, which I am trying to avoid. Thanks,
  11. NCBurb

    CUCV vs civilian model differences?

    Good morning, not sure if this is the right forum, but after searching around I didn't find anything on it. I am wondering what the differences are between the CUCV models and the regular "civilian" models. I have found a lot of CUCV manuals online, but am not sure how applicable they would be...
  12. NCBurb

    Fixing Floppy Sun Visors?

    Howdy. So when I got my Suburban (1987) the sunvisors had been removed. I put them back up, and while the driver's side seems fine, the passenger side won't stay up (just flops/hangs straight down). In fact, I see where someone had stuck a piece of velcro on there to hold it up. But surely...
  13. NCBurb

    6.2 Factory Cruise Control removal?

    Hi. My 87 came with factory cruise control. PO said it used to work but now doesn't. I don't use cruise even in new cars, so I figure I'll just remove the whole assembly. I figure I can easily enough remove the module and all the wiring and lines, but i want to make sure there's nothing I need...
  14. NCBurb

    Suburban Barn Door Lock assembly

    Hi. For the lock on the barn doors on my '87 Suburban, the key just spins back and forth. So I pulled off the trim, and found that the latch piece that flips the lock rods up and down has fallen off the cylinder shaft (if that makes sense). However, I can't see how it attaches to keep it in...
  15. NCBurb

    LED Dome Lights?

    Howdy. When the PO removed the headliner in my 87 Suburban, apparently they yanked it out and so both interior dome light fixtures had the plastic splintered. Ironically, the lights still work, just bulbs and wires hanging down. Since i have to get new fixtures anyway, I was just wondering if...
  16. NCBurb

    New in NC

    Howdy, just picked up my first Suburban, so I'm sure I'll have all kinds of questions. Looking forward to learning and driving!!! :)

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