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    An oil gauge question

    Recently I restored the gauge cluster. Before doing it the oil pressure gauge would vary from 45 psi (cold) down to 30 psi (hot). I noticed today that it has dropped to 25 psi (cold) and 15 psi (hot). I don't remember if the gauge was on zero when I put it back in. I checked the oil level which...
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    Choke adjustments

    Found this web page while searching for answers. Thought it might help others who are having rough idle starts, or fast idle not dropping.
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    My engine used to sound beefier

    Hi all, I haven't been on the forum for a couple of years as I purchased a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it's taken all my time and money. It's done so now it's the square body's turn. I pulled the muffler today and clamped in a new one. The engine has quieted down a "little" bit. Next up is...
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    Cold Starting Issue

    I've been pretty busy at work and didn't have time to post this question earlier. When I go to start the truck (IL6 250c.i. 1 Barrel Rochester carb) I depress the pedal a couple of times and start the engine. It idles very rough and if I don't hold the pedal down for a couple of minutes it...
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    High Voltage?

    My voltage gauge has always read a little high but lately it seems like it's a little higher. Here's a picture. Is this normal ? If not what would cause it to be so high? Our temps lately have been as low as -2* and this morning the battery was dead.
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    My stereo install

    I recently installed a pair of BOSS 4 x 10 speakers in the cab corners. I have purchased a BOSS 800w amp direct from the BOSS website. I have a pair of Pioneer 6 x 9 speakers which were installed when I had the original system installed a few years back. I've removed them from their original...
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    MC leak. Rebuild or replace?

    I was looking at my stereo wiring today in preparation for an amp installation when I saw this at the firewall.I'm including a picture of the engine side also. Are all rebuild kits the same or is there one in particular I should be looking for?
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    What is it?

    Found it behind the seat when I pulled it to replace the upholstery.
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    Spring clips

    Does anyone know if anyone online, or in a parts store, sells these?
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    Post a picture of your Rim & Tire

    I'm starting to plan for new rims. maybe all ya all can post a picture of what your currently running on your squares.....
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    Euro Style Tail Lights

    Has anyone installed these on their SB? (Those pictured are just for reference, not necessarily for 73-78 trucks) If so, could you post a picture?
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    Has anyone used gauge overlays?

    I'm contemplating purchasing a set of these. Has anyone installed them? Was it difficult? And most importantly...Did it look good once you finished?
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    In a 2 sq mile radius

    I saw all these near my house today. I also saw another that I couldn't get a picture of.
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    I have no idea.....

    While removing the screws that hold the front bed panel, I found a 3 prong electrical connector on the driver side between the cab and the bed. It comes off a larger wiring harness under the truck and is held by a screw thru what looks like a ground wire. It's located right below the top of the...
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    Front Bed Panel Removal

    I have removed all the screws holding the panel. The 2 above the gas tank took a while. My question is: should the panel now come right out, or do I have to loosen up the side panels too? I've tried moving it but it doesn't seem to want to move. It does wiggle a little. I must be missing...
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    Vent window filler

    I can't seem to find new filler rubber for the glass in both my vent windows. I can find the weatherstrip kits for the frame/divider bar, but not the glass itself. It's #3 in this picture. Any ideas?
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    Lens restoration

    Got a new (to me) company truck to use in my new job position. It has extremely yellowed lenses. I bought a 3M kit, on their dime, and started this evening. One down, one to go. Once I get done I'm going to do my Blazer.
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    Sloppy Window Crank Handle?

    It was driving me crazy because the existing piece of rubber had shrunk a little over the years. So here's the solution: A little foam weatherstripping with tape on one side.
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    1 Barrel Carb question

    I am planning on pulling the Rochester carburetor off my IL6 to rebuild it. Adjusting the float and the low & hi idle speeds is simple but setting the lean mixture is not (at least to me). I've been told by 2 different friends that all I have to do is turn the screw all the way in and back it...
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    My rusty bed

    Here are some pics of the rusty rear end. The rust hasn't eaten too deep yet. I've been contemplating the best way to approach this problem. I eventually want to put a Rhino Lining type paint on it, but that will be awhile and I want to address the rust before it does too much damage. Any...
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    A bare metal dash cover restoration

    Yesterday I took my original (heavily cracked) dash cover, and using my duct board knife, removed all the vinyl and foam. It took about 20 minutes. Next I'll take a wire wheel and a drill and remove the foam/glue remnants. During lunch hour today I was at the local Ace Hardware looking to...
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    A temperature control question

    I ordered a new temperature control assembly (tca) from LMC and installed it this evening. After hooking up the 3 cables and adjusting them for proper operation, I went to hook up the fan switch and found the female plug in my truck is different than the new fan switch. I went back to their...
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    I'm in the process of restoring my dash pad and I thought I would use a dash cover to put over it once it's finished. I ordered it from a place called Coverking 17 days ago. Their website said the general time to build and ship is 1 week. They provide a link in their confirmation email to track...
  24. CRM

    A dash cover restoration

    I have 2 dash covers which my daughter and I are going to restore. Our original dash cover is so cracked that we'll strip it down to bare metal. The second cover we purchased at a "You pull it" yard for $25. This first thread will be on the second cover. It has fewer and smaller cracks. I have...
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    Steering column position

    I've searched all 23 pages of threads and haven't found a similar post.When I sit in the seat and I'm looking down the column it's pointing slightly to the left. When looking at the dash where the column mounts are, it's not centered in the slot at the bottom of the dash. I've loosened the bolts...

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