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  1. Rickf

    Anybody know how to clean this?

    I've had pretty good luck with "Gunk" engine degreaser. Smells a lot like kerosene and safer than gasoline.
  2. Rickf

    3/4 ton studs on half ton help

    If on a budget, pop out a good stud to measure and match it up at your local parts store. Don't be surprised if it a 12m x 1.5.
  3. Rickf

    Direct power headlights need fuse?

    The kit I installed came with a 30amp fuse. I thought the lighting came from a fusible link off the starter solenoid.
  4. Rickf

    Transfer case support bracket

    It goes thru a bell housing hole into the block
  5. Rickf

    Engine threaded bosses

    First pic might be for a clutch linkage pivot bracket. Bottom hole in second is oil dip, not sure of upper holes.
  6. Rickf

    Transfer case identification

    Is it aluminum?
  7. Rickf

    Engine oil cooler hoses

    I have never had good luck with Dorman hoses, whether for a 6.5TD. 6.2NA, or a BBC. I ended up using AN fittings and braided stainless hose. Your results may differ.
  8. Rickf

    86 c10 Driveline is too short

    What about having a driveshaft made up?
  9. Rickf

    Help identifying under dash connector

    If it's a 1500 with a 305, most likely came with a 700R4 and has been changed to a th400. What does the gear indicator have for letters?
  10. Rickf

    Auxiliary Battery Tray

    You might be able to make an '81 or newer tray work. I looked at my '85 with dual batteries and the only difference I can see between it and my '74 are the stamped holes. Just a thought.
  11. Rickf

    402 BBC

    Have the block and heads mag'd before making any decisions.
  12. Rickf

    Dumbo Mirror Question

    Are you going to garage the truck? Make sure they will fit through the door.
  13. Rickf

    4.3 smokes on startup.

    Valve guides.
  14. Rickf

    Setting a cab on jack stands

    I've used a 2x4 the full length of the rocker with blocking on each side of the pinch weld.
  15. Rickf

    Instrument cluster upgrade 1974 C10

    LMC lists an "add a tachometer kit", there may be other vendors.
  16. Rickf

    Instrument cluster upgrade 1974 C10

    I just replaced the ammeter with a voltmeter in my '74. One side of the ammeter should be switched +. 1) I removed the right side (as seen from the back of the ammeter gauge) mounting clip to printed circuit board. 2) made up a short wire for the voltage gauge ground and attached it to the oil...
  17. Rickf

    Anyone know trick to install a new (used) door spring?

    I found several videos on YouTube about "S" style GM door spring installation.
  18. Rickf

    Hypothetical SBC question

    What about removing the entire rod and use a hose clamp to hold the bearing caps in?
  19. Rickf

    TH400 seems to be dragging

    Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong, I thought with the Tcase in 2wd the front auto hubs would disconnect when backing up for 10? feet or so, then re-engage when in 4wd and going forward.
  20. Rickf

    "Hypothetical" Question (Wink Wink)

    Gear vendors OD unit. :favorites13:
  21. Rickf

    correct 1 piece gasket to use?

    What manufacturer and part # have you tried?
  22. Rickf

    6.5 mechanical hackjob won't run smoothly

    Is that steam or exhaust coming out of the front water jacket?
  23. Rickf

    Oil leak

    Isn't there a dye and black light that can be used?
  24. Rickf

    TBH 400 Question

    Nothing major, maybe a 6 bolt converter.
  25. Rickf

    Steering Column Swap

    Measure from the under-dash mounting bolts to steering wheel, then the bolts to firewall and finally the firewall to rag joint on the truck, then go hunting. Just a thought :favorites13:

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