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    Ls swap

    beauty of GM is the bellhousing for the transmission in you K10 will work with just a bit of tweaking on the LS (one less bellhousing bolt and a different flywheel if its a manual transmission). main thing you will need is a tuner for the ECM/ECU or send it off with the necessary info for...
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    For you LS swap guys.

    One other thing, if the OP goes with the stock LS radiator and lower core support, get the HD radiator... the core support is made to fit both the standard radiator and the wider "HD" one. The Escalade donner likely had the HD version already. The 1-1/2 holes in the support are where the...
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    For you LS swap guys.

    mine is a non-ac truck (plan on adding a vintage air setup at some point) but there is a ton of room behind the grill and in front of the radiator for other coolers and condensers. If going AC with your LS swap things get tight on the passenger side frame rail and the stock LS ac compressor...
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    For you LS swap guys.

    You can use the stock radiator and fans(and trans cooler) from the Escalade. You can chop out the lower radiator support from the Escalade and bolt it on top of the C-10 core support (I used a 3/4" rubber spacer) once that's installed you can make a couple simple brackets to bolt the fans and...
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I inhaled a lot of bondo dust. I started cleaning off the replacement bed I acquired. Saw a funny body line... yeah was 1/2 thick bondo over an old repair. Also in the same shop my brother is building a 65 Ford... he was swapping in a 5 speed manual.... nightmare of Ford doing weird...
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    8.1 Vortec VS 383 Stroker VS 6.0 Iron LS

    I was tempted really bad recently with a 80s c-20 listing locally and also a local listing for a 8.1. I need a tow vehicle just enough to need to buy one but not enough that I worry about it sitting to much, and I think the 8.1 would be great for my needs. As for aftermarket support, yeah...
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    Paint rendering

    Does anyone know of somewhere online I could do some paint color renderings? I am painting my 81 and I am trying to decide on final colors and the pattern ideas I have in my head. Truck originally had the off white cab a bronze main color and a off white bottom stripe (deluxe two tone scheme)...
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    LC9 swap questions

    Tuning- Send off the existing computer to a reputable tuner to get the AFM and VATS deleted as well as setting it up for the SM465. Cooling system - a few brackets and the bottom of the radiator support from the donner and you can hook up the existing cooling system including all the hoses...
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    Throwing Parts at the Wall

    What he said.... I had a Chevy TBI truck in the 90s, pretty well maintained... high idle for around the time you said is what it had always done and did my whole time of ownership.
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    Rearend gear ratios 1980-1987 most common

    My 81 had a 305 with MY6.... 2.56 axel as well. Was a dog in 4/OD, lost speed in 4th unless is was a steep downhill grade.
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    body work and more body work. I've been stripping a donor hood to bare metal and cleaning up some small dings and pinholes. At some point I think someone did a driveway paint job on it and used a concrete block to scuff it and then went back with 1 can per square foot of hood with spray paint...
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    For you LS swap guys.

    mine was an 03 with 135k. Oil pan was clean when I changed out to a lower profile one. I wouldn't be to concerned with sub 250k if it appeared well maintained. I limited mine to 03-06 motors because i wanted , no EGR and no DOD.
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    6.0 swap

    more than likely you will need to shorten the driveshaft motor mount adapters (new mounts themselves are recommended) you will need to come up with a cooling system plan, you can use the LS system, it fits in our trucks with some minor mods, or you can use a big block radiator, or others have...
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    Loud Knock After Replacing Intake Manifold

    We're invested now, please let us know what you find :)
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    Rear brakes lock up, fronts don't seem to work

    /\ This was my first thought
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    1984 Silverado Radio Harness Question

    yellow is switched power if I remember correctly on my 81
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    What I need to know before LS1 swap K10

    That's who I followed. LT1Swap did my computer work (after I tried local and he failed) I used a few different parts the Ugly Truck. I didn't use Holly for the fuel pump (to expensive) And I found some rubber spacers for under the LS radiator support rather than the metal he uses, I figure...
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    LQ4 Swap, starter wire routing question

    mine had heat shield tape for the last 8" or so, it starts getting back close to the exhaust collector where it plugs in and by the starter.
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    Loud Knock After Replacing Intake Manifold

    oouuuffftaaaa that sounds bad. I'm thinking bore scope into the cylinders. Sounds to me like 1 of two things, something got dropped into a cylinder and its hitting or rod knock happened to happen at the same time as the intake change.
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    LQ4 Swap, starter wire routing question

    i'll try to look this weekend at mine. I think it ran along the oil pan towards the front of the engine then crossed sides and then up to the top side into the main loom of wires. I kept mine with the stock harness and fuse box, so i didn't have to touch many wires.
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    A little info about wrench sizes

    Info I learned on LS header bolts, if you round off a 10mm a little a 3/8 socket is the answer to tap onto what's left and hope it turns.
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    What motor is best for a swap on a K25

    350 SBC (or 383 stroker) or 454 big block if you want to go old school with carb 5.3 or 6.0 LS for a fuel injected flavor. none are bad choices, just depends on what you like and how much work you want to do.
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    10W-40 for Chevy 350

    T5 in all my vehicles, T4 in tractors and lawn equipment.
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I looked at the bed that I got that came off the same truck.... the back corner below the taillight has a "new" body line on one side. LOL at least I am prepared this time. The door was supposed to be a "quick" clean up the flaking paint and get prepped for eventually painting the truck...
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    I started body work a few weeks ago. Yesterday I put a door I had bought on the stand to get cleaned up. It looked great other than some chipped paint. I pulled the molding off and lo and behold a 1/4 inch thick chunk of bonding came with it. The previous owner had bondo over the rust...

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