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  1. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Age of our members

    25 - I was 18 when I joined this forum. As Uncle Philly from The Sopranos would say, he was just a kid.
  2. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    No gas to carb

    The fuel trap test is an interesting take. Probably more expedient than than feeding out of a clean fuel can, which is what I would do. If it runs that way, you know everything upstream of the pump is fine, and you need to look further back.
  3. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Alternative A/C Test Methods

    I’ve got the smallest A/C leak in the history of A/C leaks and wanted to see if y’all have ever had this happen to you. When the positive pressure slips below a certain point, the leak stops. Not enough pressure to kick on but doesn’t go totally empty. At rest, it reads 20+ PSI on the low, 25+...
  4. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    1987 injectors no power

    When did you replace the ICM, and what did you replace it with? ECM sends 12/14V injector voltage via pins D14 and D16. If you don’t have a pinout for the 1227747 ECM, downloaded and/or printed, I would do so now. And yeah, you can check the two ECM fuses. Can’t recall which one for sure, but I...
  5. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Checking Back In - I Need to Do Better

    I also did it in 3.5 months while working 40 hrs. a week, but it whipped me pretty good. A lot of tired days in there. I’m 25. 42’s definitely not too old. My CFI had a 67 year old student, and I met a 71 year old student this weekend.
  6. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Checking Back In - I Need to Do Better

    Thanks, friend! I do my best. Good times made too many weak men, and I don’t want to be part of that statistic. Thanks! Oh yeah, she’s still going strong and never letting go of that one either. That Suburban is just my decoy for driving around here, and it’s cheap to operate aside from gas.
  7. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Checking Back In - I Need to Do Better

    Hey all, Haven’t been around much in the past little while. Hope someone held the fort down while I’ve been gone. I’ve been working a standard week as a paralegal, which I’ve been doing so for a while. I hate being there, though. Mentally exhausted, and the things I want to do go by the...
  8. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Cruisin’ the Coast 2021

    The traffic was/is terrible. I think they should implement a traffic control plan that caters to the cruisers because all the spectator traffic out there and on Hwy. 90 makes thing very difficult. Not to mention the people out there showing there asses because they can. I want to see Studebakers...
  9. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    i blew up my SBC 350...thinking LS

    Saw a 4.3 to 5.3 swapped ‘85 earlier today for sale. Guy wants 23K, I think. Not terrible and carved, but I can see there were liberties taken with the swap after a <5 minute inspection. Some things change, but others stay the same.
  10. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Cruisin’ the Coast 2021

    Hey y’all, Haven’t been around much, or actually any, lately. I’ve been working in the crumbling remnants of our civilization. Still trying to get out of there and back to my more rural roots, at least for a while. Jimmy’s good. After six years of wanting to, we made it to Cruisin’ the Coast...
  11. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Vince's TBI woes, progressive revelations, and tbi mods.

    A few thoughts... One, that resting TPS value is too high, and I don’t think it can be remedied with the current sensor. You can always try, but I think the cheapo ones rest at about at .66V, and I adjusted that down to .59V by boring the holes and slightly clocking the sensor. I wouldn’t worry...
  12. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Vince's TBI woes, progressive revelations, and tbi mods.

    Vince and I were texting, but I’ll post here so everyone can see my thought process. I agree that the resting TPS value is too high, and I agree with the .5V spec. My only objection is that your Joe Blow TPS from O’Reilly, even a decent one, doesn’t sit at that voltage. Maybe a Delco would, and...
  13. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Opinions on Ring and Pinion brand?

    I was late but for anyone who sees this later on, MotiveGear has treated well so far.
  14. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Can it be saved

    Late to the party, but the 3.1 in my Olds sat for 15 years, and I’ve been driving it for almost two now. Mind you, that’s a motor that’ll run forever with rudimentary maintenance, but people bitch about the 60* design. I think I’m closing on 214K miles on that one. In contrast, the SBC is much...
  15. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Anyone in the Seattle area need a very nice 4x4 Burb “beater with a heater?”

    Might be good to have for the impending “Autumn of Love” (aka the mostly peaceful rioting/looting) to paraphrase ole Jenny D.
  16. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    quick question for small engine guys

    I was going to suggest something in the neighborhood of compression lost having dealt with this family of engines, but I’m glad you got it going right!
  17. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    What should high vs low idle voltage be?

    I would say you want 13-14.2. 12.6 or lower is too low. I don’t see 14.7 messing anything up, not too many sensitive electronics, but some would argue that’s on the higher side of acceptable. I’m usually getting about 13.8-14.2 so that’s what I generally expect.
  18. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Basic Air Conditioning questions

    At least the flushing liquid smells good if it gets everywhere, at least I think the smell of oranges is good.
  19. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Basic Air Conditioning questions

    1. Yeah, I’ve done both directions. With the orifice tube/expansion valve out of the picture, I agree that it doesn’t really matter. 2A/B. I think all this is fine. 3. If it doesn’t give you an exact oil amount on the stickers, you’ll have to dump it in a measuring container and add it up to...
  20. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    88 Caprice Classic Wagon

  21. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Interior color ideas

    Hey, why am I Mr. Pink?
  22. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Distributor not getting spark

    Did you test the pickup coil per the video? You have to pull the distributor, and the only special tool you need is a punch. Stolen from another site... Mark the distributor shaft and gear so they can be reassembled in the same relationship. Secure the distributor shaft housing in a bench...
  23. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    Pic and Pull

    @Vbb199 might know someone.
  24. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    General question about transmissions

    AFAIK, all TH350s were TH350Cs (lockup variant) from 1980 to whenever they exhausted their supply of transmissions sometime in 1986.
  25. 1987 GMC Jimmy

    engine oil

    I thought you went there for the classy clientele and the industrious employees.

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