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    Vortec Coolant Bypass - Can't you just drill a hole in the head?

    I'm installing some Summit Racing vortec heads on my 75. I've read and searched a lot regarding the coolant bypass issue. Many different opinions and experiences, along with a lot of misinformation. I don't wish to debate whether or not one is needed and for my application, I have decided to...
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    What A/C Compressor are you using?

    When I started fixing up my 75 Stepside I was going back to stock with everything...... that ship has sailed. I've now made many upgrades. I orginally purchased a new A6 A/C compressor with brackets, hoses, condensor, evaporator, etc. I now want a more custom look instead of stock. I'm...
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    LED Round Headlight Conversion

    I decided to upgrade to LED headlights. I've been searching through many brands and think I've found the one I'm going to purchase. I don't know much about LED headlights and I wasn't sure which brand, etc. I found a pair at Headlight Experts that has the glass housing and uses Phillips...
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    Building a Vortec Head SBC 350

    I'm building a 350 for my 75 Stepside. I've read and heard so many good things on the Vortec head and L31 that I started with that. I picked up an 880 engine core but when I took the 062 heads into the machine shop they were both cracked. I picked up a pair of Summit Racing Vortec heads for...
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    52" VS 56" Rear Leaf Springs

    I have a 75 C10 Stepside and I'm changing the rear leaf springs. When I went online and purchased them from SD Springs, they only listed the 52" with a 4 leaf spring pack like I currently have. I "assumed" mine were 52" as all of the 56" had many more leafs. Okay, I admit I'm an idiot for not...
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    Stimulus Check, Header Nightmare and Regrets

    First, I would like to say my truck ran fine with stock exhaust manifolds and I was happy with them…….Then I got my stimulus check. For some reason the money started burning a hole in my pocket and I needed to buy something for my 1975 Chevy Stepside. I decided to get some headers. Due to...

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