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  1. Steve-o81

    1981 Silverado

    Original paint and body. No drivetrain, no front suspension, steering and most of interior is taken out. I already signed the title I can verify it’s me by my drivers license signature. I’m located in Festus Missouri. You’ll need a dolly to remove it, and a pickup truck and trailer because a...
  2. Steve-o81

    Spare tire mount?

    Hi, on my 2wd 1981 Silverado longbed the factory original spare tire mount keeper thingy under the bed of course I don’t really trust it will stay put forever and maybe under high speeds. It’s never given me a problem, but is there one I can swap easily from a different model year truck new or...
  3. Steve-o81

    Drink holder question?

    Hi, what’s everyone using for a sturdy drink holder? Those plastic door clips holders don’t work at high speeds, neither does a floor board drink holder. I’m not hacking on anything to put a sturdier drink holder in. Right now I just throw a couple bottles of water on the passenger floor board...
  4. Steve-o81

    A great hotrodding place revealed

    Hi, I hotrod rural Bond County Illinois backroads. No one around but farmers. The law doesn’t go out there unless called upon. And if they do get a phone call they will pull you over but won’t do anything. I’m buddies with the whole department I ought to know. Just try to be responsible like me...
  5. Steve-o81

    Tornado Air?

    Hi, has anyone used or had any performance gains using the Tornado Air product on a 14” air cleaner with a 4 barrel carburetor? I have a dual-snorkel air cleaner off a 1970 Camaro I wanted to try it on but don’t want to waste the $80.00+ for it if it won’t work out for my 81 Silverado. Thanks!
  6. Steve-o81

    Gas tank shield?

    Hi, does anyone know of a company who makes a lighter weight shield for the outside of a gas tank on a 1981 Silverado? I live down a gravel road and my original 110k mile gas tank got a leak from a rock in previous years and I’d like to prevent it from happening again.
  7. Steve-o81


    Hi, I don’t know a ton about shocks, but I pulled all 4 still good old Gabriel Gas Shocks off my 1981 Silverado. I likes them a lot but I don’t think Gabriel makes gas type shocks anymore. So I was considering Monroe as replacements but I don’t want the ride quality different from the Gabriel’s...
  8. Steve-o81


    Im considering using Rare Parts brand suspension parts on my 2wd 81. Im skeptical though, I know they are stronger than O.E. but are the bushing long lasting on them out of the box? Also, I assume they have grease fittings but I don’t know.
  9. Steve-o81


    Has anyone ever used and had any bad luck with Remflex header gaskets? They are very unique. Or should I just use Mr. Gasket copper header gaskets? I’m crossed between the two.
  10. Steve-o81

    Factory glue removal?

    i removed the carpet on my 1981 Silverado, but there’s a lot of glue stuck to the floor board. I was thinking a heat gun and scraper tool. But I don’t want a fire starting either and this stuff is pretty thick it’ll take forever. Is there a better way?
  11. Steve-o81

    350 head bolts?

    I was wondering if ARP head bolts will make a difference that much. I’m doing a build of an engine I had when I was younger. A 50K original mile 350 medium duty P-Series engine I had. I put Hedman Elite headers on it and the head bolts all came loose in like 1000 miles. If ARP won’t help that...
  12. Steve-o81


    Hi, I was wondering whats my best bets for rear mods to get the rear to hook up the best with more power out of a 350 without altering the feel of the ride on my 2wd 1981 Silverado longbed? I was going to add some Lakewood slapper bars and put in a 12-bolt or Dana 60, and that’s it. I’m not...
  13. Steve-o81

    Less problematic?

    Hi, I was just wondering peoples opinions on a performance carburetor that takes less adjustments like the Edelbrock does compared to the Holley. I do not want a q-jet. I like the Edelbrock 600cfm for my 350 but am considering more power at 600cfm out of a stock carburetor. Any suggestions or...
  14. Steve-o81

    Hood sale price?

    I have an original rust free damage free beautiful low mile good condition original black 1981 Silverado hood I want to sell soon on Craigslist. The foam on the inner side is still intact from the factory in 1981. Just one problem when dad accidentally scratched a couple 2 inch scrapes and the...
  15. Steve-o81

    Steering column?

    Hi, dumb question but I was going to buy a factory style steering column unit to replace my original. They say they take old cores, but mine is pretty parted on the outside but insides are 110,000 miles and nothing wrong with them. Would they still take it? If so I think I’d get a discount but I...
  16. Steve-o81

    Tonneau low-profile?

    Hi, about 15 years ago I think the company was called Checker Pro made a low profile tonneau cover for my 1981 Silverado. I don’t think they make it anymore or went out of business. Does the 1973-87 square body trucks create a lot of wind drag or not? Also who make a low profile tonneau cover...
  17. Steve-o81

    Porter cherry bombs?

    Hi, from my experience Porter Shorty cherry bombs are louder than Cherry Bomb cherry bombs and Thrush brand also. Does anyone know of another brand besides Porter that’s louder? I need 2-1/4” inlets and outlets. I’ll swap on whatever is recommended to see if there louder myself.
  18. Steve-o81

    Side post?

    Hi, I have a 1981 Silverado and it’s a side post battery type vehicle. Can anyone point out all the cons of a side post battery? I know it’s a novice question but I haven’t ran my truck since 2003 at 20y years of age I was and can’t remember the cons. Also is there a internet link to property...
  19. Steve-o81


    Hi, I’m building a replica of a medium duty 1970s 350 I used to have that came out of a bread truck. The motor I used to have maxed out in the mid range probably redlined at 4500rpm factory. It was all stock except for the carb and intake. It had an hei distributor factory. Would it be...
  20. Steve-o81

    10-bolt worth?

    Hi, I was going to sell my I believe it has 2.— gear ratio 3rd member and 10-bolt housing out of my 1981 Silverado 2wd with 110,000 original miles on it in the near future. Everything is in good shape it lived an easy life. I was wondering how much I should charge to sell on it probably...
  21. Steve-o81

    Better master cylinder?

    Hi, I have a 1981 Silverado half ton that originally had a 305 I put a 350 in it out of a 1970s bread truck and it takes forever to come to a complete stop. I want to get a beefier master cylinder to combat the problem. I have rear drum brakes disc fronts. I’m not changing that so is there a...
  22. Steve-o81


    Does anyone know of an American brand named P235/75R/15 performance sport tires out there? All I can find in my size that’s performance has some China tire brand name on them.
  23. Steve-o81


    Hi, I was wanting to go with Custom Autosound for my stereo for my 1981 Silverado but from what I see all they have speaker wise is universal fit types which I’m not impressed with. I’d like to go with a different stereo brand then but I’m not drilling any holes on my truck to fit it. Any...
  24. Steve-o81

    Bread truck 350?

    Hi, new here I have a question. I used to have a 50k mile 1970s 350 out of a bread truck. This engine factory had more compression and had a ton of low to mid range power. All I know is I can’t seem to find every exact part for this engine I used to own and I’m trying to build one just like it...
  25. Steve-o81

    All original my baby

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