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    New here from the Wet Coast of Canada

    Thanks for all the kind words folks. I will also add that my first vehicle I owned was a squarebody: a 1981 GMC Jimmy 2wd that I got in grade 11. 305 2bbl and 3.08 posi (which didn't work well but clunked a lot lol). Loved it, especially the removable top. As a graduation present in 1993 I got...
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    New here from the Wet Coast of Canada

    Hi there. I've been a long-time member on another forum since buying my truck in 2004 but just came upon this group recently. Glad to be here. I'm in the Fraser Valley area, east of Vancouver, BC Canada. I have a 1981 C10 2wd, shorty fleet that I bought in 2004. As the story goes, I wanted a...
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    What are your favorite/ best looking valve covers for SBC?

    Hi. New here. First reply :) These aren't the fanciest VC's out there and aren't much different than your standard cheap chrome-plated Edelbrocks but I put on Dart heads back in 2008 and bought these at the same time, then masked them off and painted them color-matched yellow to my truck. I...

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