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    Wingin it

    Welcome from California
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    door lock cyl. removal

    I got a set on amazon and a set from Summit, they came with the door handle gaskets. They're much cheaper on Summit if you're ordering enough stuff to get free shipping. Otherwise Amazon has the shipping cost built into the price, IIRC the set on Amazon was like $17 and Summit was $5 something.
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    Windshield seal/rubber replacement. is there a preferred brand or is all the same?

    Precision seems to have a good reputation
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    A couple more sensor questions

    I would probably notch a little relief cut in the header flange just so you could get a socket on the sensor without pulling the header in the event there is an issue. Assuming the hole and the sensor are both NPT you shouldn’t need to worry so long as there’s decent engagement. NPT threads...
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    2.5” exhaust kit for 85 suburban?

    If you’re willing to do some welding and spend the time to fit everything this Flowmaster kit is a decent option, looks like the price has gone up a little since I did mine (I did same kit but in 2.25). The only thing it didn’t have was the mufflers, flanged connectors for manifolds, and I...
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    Dakota Digital install with American Autowire harness- ETA adding TCI 4L60E control to the install

    You mean for the gear position indicator? I’d like to see how that works out. I was planning to try to use the GM sending unit from my 4L60e but couldn’t quite get everything figured out. I ended up using a DD sending unit. Factory sender: DD sender:
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    Super low buck toe plates version 1

    Here’s another way… The wife’s ‘17 Yukon needed the toe checked today. We have a home made scribe tool that is a piece of steel plate with a spring clamp attached, welded on one of the clamp ends is a sharpened nail. We jack up the front and slide the scribe tool up to the front of the...
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    Trailering your square body

    I haven’t really towed any squares but have towed several GMT400 trucks and SUV’s of all wheelbases, my 4 door jeep, some Toyota rock crawlers and one half ton dodge. I always load facing forward and haven’t had any issues. What kind of deck length are you working with? ETA: also towed some...
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    Ford infotainment into 79 c10

    This ^^^^ Modern factory stereo's and especially the "infotainment" type units heavily rely on the BCM's to operate, maybe you can figure it out if you have all of the donor parts and an extensive knowledge in how they communicate. Often times the BCM will not operate without being able to...
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    Black Door Panels

    I've had good luck with the duplicolor vinyl and fabric dye that comes in a rattle can, I cant remember if I've been getting satin or flat finish. I've coated almost all of my plastic panels and parts that I didnt get new. These kick panels were blue before
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    4wd shift lever light

    For something like replacing an existing incandescent bulb with an LED no relay is needed, the incandescent bulb likely draws 10 times the amperage of a similar sized LED replacement. Relays are a good idea when adding a large light bar though. Most LEDs are dimmed using a potentiometer but...
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    Electric Fan Temps

    Huh…. I never would have thought of that
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    Electric Fan Temps

    Mine is untested and I haven’t adjusted for temp but I went with a PWM controller from Derale. It will run both fans however fast they need to maintain the temp you set it for. It also spools them up to 60%+ when the A/C is on regardless of temperature.
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    Anodizing radiator

    Cerakote sells a ceramic coating designed for heat transfer, they market it for radiators and intercoolers. Not as cool as anodized stuff but more likely to be capable at home
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    Time to put a sound system in the hotrod, wanna bounce some ideas

    Well Huck, your speaker is only about 0.07 cubic feet of displacement. It would be a little more critical if you were running a bunch of them in a box that was on the fringe of being undersized. I think you’ll be okay a tad undersized
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    Did I buy the right np241 TC for my truck??

    Good find! Here’s a VSS swap kit, these weren’t available when I did mine. I had to swap in parts from a DS drop 241 and alter my tail housing. ETA: Ranchwelder beat me to it before I could finish typing
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    Dakota Digital install with American Autowire harness- ETA adding TCI 4L60E control to the install

    DUDE! So much room for activities! You could have a step class in there. I’m jealous of all the available space you have in that dash, mine is cram packed. You should add some more wires to make me feel better about my rats nest
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    $30k budget (not incl paint) - prefer LS engine

    If you don't need to deal with SMOG requirements, find a decent junkyard 6.0 with a 4l80 trans and drop them in there using a Holley Terminator Max PCM and cut your budget by probably $14-15K... Would be simple to drop in a new or remanned crate motor later once all of the bugs are worked out
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    LS Swap Pollak Fuel Selector Valve

    Good luck Sir.
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    $30k budget (not incl paint) - prefer LS engine

    Welcome to GMSB! I'm about $25K into my build (including paint) and its nearly complete, My original budget was $15-20K but I splurged on modern electronics. I did a Vortec 350 instead an LS which would have possibly added some cost to go with an LS. The key to staying in budget is being able...
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    LS Swap Pollak Fuel Selector Valve

    I believe one is the valve only (42-159) and the other is a kit with a valve (42-159) and the harness connector (42-203). ETA: Unless you are already using the 6 port on your rig you will probably need the kit with the weatherpak type plug included.
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    Brake Booster Vac Hose Size

    This is the one I got for my ‘80, I measured out the fitting on my booster right at 1/2”. My factory original fit okay with the 350 Vortec but the extra length of this one let me route it a lot more cleanly.
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    What new tools have you got lately?

    Got me a dewalt 20v “E” ratchet, I haven’t tested it out yet but it claims it has 75ft lbs torque and 300 rpm. Also came with 3/8” and 1/2” anvils. I have a 12v Milwaukee but it has been a bit weak for most tasks and was the only red tool in my arsenal. I wrote a scathing email to dewalts R&D...
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    Super low buck toe plates version 1

    LOL... Reminds me of Concrete blankets, I've busted my arse countless times on those suckers.
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    Yay or nay (poll)

    Same ^^^^ I'm a big fan of rally wheels but like the torque thrusts too. LOL... My dad tells a story about one of his co-workers driving a truck with a blue accent stripe on one side and green stripe on the other, he said it was like 2 years before the guy ever noticed they were different.

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