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    Bvllsh!t on craigslist.

    You know, it just reinforces the guy is a jackass when he parks in a handicapped zone to take pictures of a ride he is asking ridiculously stupid money for!
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    Brake proportion valve issue

    I have gone through 3 or more of them on different builds. They all leaked on me. I went to either OEM or Wilwood valves. No more of the brass ones for me.
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    GM 8.5" 10 Bolt Rebuild / Knowledge, Opinions, and Advice Requested

    I would have to agree with Curt on all of it EXCEPT the rear disc set up. I lost my parking brake and was not overly impressed with it. I converted back to drums and was much happier. It stopped well with the disc brakes after I converted to hydroboost, but was not worth the time or effort to...
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    I bet you probably haven't seen this.

    If you are replacing it anyway, you might want to save a few bucks and just replace the spider gear. The side gears, while pitted, look like they can be limped along for a little while while you get the 3/4 ton axles together. Or to play it safe you can replace side gears too with good used…..
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    1987 V30 Dual rear wheel axles?

    So just curious, rather than dealing with mounting springs and such, why not just mount a pair of trailing arms and air bags? That way you could also control the amount of down force exerted on the tag axle?
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    1987 V30 Dual rear wheel axles?

    Just throwing this out there - not sure the use of the truck, but I see 3 options. Try a set of airbags to raise the rear up, buy a trailer and mount the tank to that, or get a larger truck (safest option). Any of these options could put you time and money ahead. Adding a 3rd axle could also...
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    Brake conversion

    Rear discs? My favorite and cost effective upgrade was changing back to drums. Yes, may not be the answer you are looking for, but it is my honest opinion. Spent too much time trying combinations of calipers and masters, then trying to get a good parking brake. Drums solved all the concerns.
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    Front axle off set to passenger side

    Might just be the photos, but it looks like a tire alignment issue. I know you took hard measurements, and the whole front end is legitimately off, but I would consider taking it in for an alignment and have them check it over as well. If your toe is corrected, it might not look so dramatic.
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    14 bolt gear ratio?

    Honestly, I would consider larger tires or a gear vendor style od. 3.42 is the next lower ratio, but it is still in a Suburban with a th350.
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    Adios Detroit Locker, your time is up!

    Check out Yukon’s version of the Detroit. My Detroit **** itself and it was time for a replacement. Yukon was cheaper and has better manners. While it is still noticeable at times, it was a big improvement over the Detroit.
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    373 Gear ID Help

    I would be half tempted to take the whole rear, or at least the carrier and gear set. Then just drop them in with new bearings, shim the pinion, and you will be set!
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    1987 Chevrolet V20 front leaf spring replacement

    There are torque specs for the ends. It sounds like they may be loose still.
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    1987 Chevrolet V20 front leaf spring replacement

    Look up tie rod adjusting sleeve. Although, It might just be easier to order the long tie rod end and adjusting sleeve to fit it.
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    1987 Chevrolet V20 front leaf spring replacement

    Since you have it, I would replace that long tie rod end now. It being bent like that is a big contributor to the funky wheel angles you are seeing.
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    Advice on GM 14 Bolt Corporate Full Float w/3.73 gears that are junk

    Post pictures of the gears if you can. I would go to a you pull yard to buy a rear. There should be a few to choose from - whether drw or srw, the guts are the same. Strip it down a bit so you can examine the gears and the differential. You may just be able to buy the guts. One problem you...
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    Pulling an axle?

    Looking at the picture - on my phone so take it for what it’s worth, the caps look too squared off. Axle joints have more angular shape to them. Also do not remember seeing grease fittings in front u joint caps. Not saying it cannot happen, but just do not remember seeing them when I was...
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    Rear axle shafts

    Probably a bit late, but if you still need it, check rockauto under 1988 v10 Suburban. Dana 2022609.
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    I converted to rear discs with Cadillac calipers. I then replaced them with 3/4 ton front calipers and lost my parking brake. I then converted back to drum rear brakes - 13x3.5 and was happy as a clam and got a parking brake back!
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    Selling My Sidekick

    Okay, and price drop to $5000! If all goes well I have 2 vehicles coming home soon and can really use the space!
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    Selling My Sidekick

    And last set.
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    Selling My Sidekick

    And a few more...
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    Selling My Sidekick

    I got a chance to grab a few more pictures, and figured I would throw them up here first before it goes to eBay.
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    Selling My Sidekick

    Hi All! As I posted in the lounge, I am selling my truck. It is a 1985 GMC K2500. I have had it for 21 years and have many memories with it! I love the truck, but it is now more truck than I need. I hate to get rid of it, BUT, I want it to go to someone who will appreciate it, and where...
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    Swapping the SM465 for a Car style 4 speed

    You will also need the bellhousing. The 465 has a larger register for the input bearing retainer.
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    Mechanical fuel pump

    Two things come to mind - Check your gas cap - it may not be venting, causing a vacuum I believe the extra port from the pump was supposed to help prevent vapor lock. Check to see if your truck originally had a return to the tank. If it did, I would hook it back up.

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