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  1. GTX63

    Diagnose 1st Replace parts second

    Gas mileage sucks and it runs like a dog down the road? Check centrifugal advance. It is easy to check if it is rusted, binding or the springs are loosey goosey. It wasn't a problem on a small block Chevy for the first twenty years or so, but with all of these barn finds and "WillIt Start?"...
  2. GTX63

    4x4 with 31x10.5/15 tire. Anyone running this size tire on stock lift??

    I have 31s on an 85 Silverado K10 shortbed. According to the glovebox, that was what it came with new. I have them on a 1980 GMC K15 longbed that originally had 235 15s and they look sharp. I also have them on a 1979 K5. All are on 6 lug ralleys and none are lifted trucks.
  3. GTX63

    What to keep? Sbc questions

    I know this is not practical for everyone, especially in urban areas, HOAs, etc, but a donor truck is worth its weight in gold. I cannot recall the number of times I have walked away from a squarebody I was working on and out behind my barn to retrieve bolts, trim, brackets, hubs, pullies, etc...
  4. GTX63

    What to keep? Sbc questions

    I've used a half dozen 350s from 89-95 for projects meant as drivers/working trucks and flips. I've spent anywhere from $300-$700 for used running motors. They ran just as well and strong as 70s era small blocks but I was only after driveability and dependability. A $200 shortblock that sits in...
  5. GTX63

    Want to build a good horsepower, good fuel economy engine for a 1978 c20 with stock 350. I don't know much and need help.

    Welcome Quinn. Vortec heads are a nice addition to a gen 1 small block chevy, just make sure you have used heads checked as they are prone to cracking. I have owned some very strong small blocks with Qjets, stock exhaust manifolds and modest cams and intakes. Probably just start firing away with...
  6. GTX63

    86 c10-silverado

    Welcome to the forum. That 350 didn't begin it's life in a 1965 Impala, so you might want to make note of the numbers on the rear driver side of the block and on the passenger front below the head. This will be a good reference for you when figuring out the type and flow of the heads and what...
  7. GTX63

    Interesting Oil Pressure Indications

    You can use a mechanical gauge to confirm what your oil pressure is. Are you saying that before the gauge failed the pressure was lower at start up?
  8. GTX63

    Carb Swap?

    As a young kid in 1984, I bought a 1965 Chevy Caprice off the original owners. They had seen the car inside a Chevrolet dealership showroom and wanted it. The salesman said it was a display only and the first one they received with a 396 (replacing the 409). They said sell it or no sale, so the...
  9. GTX63

    Carb Swap?

    The Qjet was the factory go to 4 barrel on GMs for 20+ years for a reason. Believe it or not, brand new they used to start with little more than a turn of the key and a single pump on the pedal. I buy my rebuild kits from Edelbrocks are popular replacements because they are...
  10. GTX63

    Oil pressure sending unit on manifold 305

    That is the OE wire and factory boot on one of my k10s. The wire comes thru the bulkhead connector and into a loom. The video below might help. If you cannot locate the wire or it is gone, you can run a power wire from the oil pressure gauge terminal (sending unit side) directly thru the...
  11. GTX63

    New from Tennessee..

    Welcome from Fentress County, Tennessee.
  12. GTX63

    Spray vs Plastic Bedliner

    I've used both the DIY bed liner and had one sprayed. My opinion is that if your aim is to build a high end truck, don't do it. Don't put any sort of liner in. Or, throw a rubber bed mat in on the days you head to the home improvement store. If you are using your truck as a daily driver and you...
  13. GTX63

    Rear end gear ratio change or transmission change ?

    If you cannot get on the freeway, then without you giving us your current gear ratio, we would have to assume you are spinning 5K @ 65mph? Probably going to need a few more specifics to understand what is going on. Rear gearing if you know it, tire size and what you consider as highway speed...
  14. GTX63

    I just bought a John Deere tractor!

    Made before the corporations realized that stuff built to last forever meant fewer trade ins and repeat customers.
  15. GTX63


    Welcome to GMSB Rocky top. If your handle is your locale, I am east of you by about an hour. I'll be heading over to Knoxville this Thursday and would be more than happy to haul off the radiator and air cleaner. You can PM me if you want.
  16. GTX63

    Myth or fact

    The 400 small block would be a good example.
  17. GTX63

    sbc 350 oil pressure from 60 to 5

    Not intending to start a debate, but if you still have the original Gen 1 SBC, you might consider avoiding weights below 10w40, unless it is specifically made for older motors.
  18. GTX63

    How much oil pressure is to much for a stock 350

    As for is it too high? I am aware of street/strip set up running 80 psi+.
  19. GTX63

    How much oil pressure is to much for a stock 350

    If you have the original set up in your 1977, your oil pressure gauge is mechanical, with a copper capillary tube running from the motor to the dash. If it is newer, it bases the pressure on the resistance of the sending unit, and runs thru contacts and circuit board, son it might be off a bit...
  20. GTX63

    Fuel tank to Gauge wiring

    No diagram but I can give you the layman's version. Fuel gauge issues are either A bad gauge A bad sending unit A broken wire/ground or failing circuit board Attached to the back of the fuel gauge are three male terminals. 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. The 6 o'clock is the ground. The 3 o'clock is the...
  21. GTX63

    Front Brakes Grabbing

    Just because, check your rear shoes for adjustment.
  22. GTX63

    Broken main bolt

    I wouldn't say the vintage car/truck market is dying. It may at some point become more of a niche, but all one has to do is look at all of the shows and drags across the country to know the square body market is alive and well. That and the prices for old iron. With the prices and regulations...
  23. GTX63

    What U-bolts are you guys buying?

    I would not advise reusing U bolts. Cutting them off saves a lot of wear on an impact gun when they are rusty and original. I have purchased replacements from O Reillys, Rock Auto, LMC without any issue.
  24. GTX63

    Busted Alternator Bolt

    For comparison, late model trucks are notorious for bolts shearing off due to rust and poor metal composition, ie LS exhaust manifold bolts. If a bolt shears off on an old squarebody truck motor, it was likely cross-threaded and the guy doing the cross threading knew to stop tightening just as...
  25. GTX63

    Broken main bolt

    The head bolts were garbage, and after sending the block off to a machine shop, discovered the main and rod bearings were poorly manufactured and out of spec. Yes, he was a newbie builder but that doesn't make the fault his. If a torque spec is 80 ft lbs and the bolt breaks at 90 or 100, it is a...

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