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    Are rubber valve cover gaskets JUNK? Pic inside

    I've never had good luck with any kind of perimeter bolt covers being completely leak free until I used the felpro double thick cork with steel core.
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    Traction Aid for 77 K10

    Trutrac rear diff gets my vote. The one in my Tahoe works great. Dont even know it's there with normal driving
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    Lowering Shackle with 56" Springs

    Dont know of it's rare it not but mine is a shortbed with the longer springs and I had to notch the bed crossmember
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    ARP with the 5/16" head or Percy's split lock for the bolts and felpro for the gaskets on my junk. Never had any issues
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    Header angle / ground clearance

    I've got stainless Hooker street stock headers on mine. Can't say I'd recommend it but they can be made to work dimpling a tube on each side to clear the control arm and minor trimming at the firewall. If you've got tubular lower control arms it would be a piece of cake...
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    USA1 Industries

    I'm sure they love all these interest free loans everyone gives them.
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    What is minimum vacuum needed at idle to run vacuum booster brake set up

    Mine is around 11 in gear with a reservoir. No issues.
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    15x10 OE Pickup 71-87 5x5

    I've looked for months myself and come up empty handed. Makes no sense the corvette rally style is less than half that price.
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    What are your favorite/ best looking valve covers for SBC?

    Tall Proforms. Their orange didn't match so I painted them
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    What is this??

    Flux capacitor. Keep it under 88 mph.
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    Interior plastic paint

    I wouldn't order anything from them given my own and others experiences.
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    Rear leaf suspension 73C10 Stepside

    Yes. As long as the leaf width and arch is similar youre good.
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    Stripped crankshaft hole with new harmonic balancer bolt.

    It's smaller than the BBC bolt which is 1/2-20. Probably wouldnt have to drill it out any. I've just ran the tap in there on stripped exhaust manifold bolts when I couldn't get a drill into position.
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    305 HO valve covers?

    Magnesium ones from early 80s vettes are similar.
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    Stripped crankshaft hole with new harmonic balancer bolt.

    Should be enough material there to go metric also. 12mm
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    Improve 1/8 mile et

    More converter stall. Higher gears and run it out in 2nd.
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    USA1 Industries

    I thought they would need to actually produce something to need a production manager. Probably wanted it to sound like a legit company. Guy that answered the phone spins his hat around the right way and becomes the "production manager" Lol
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    86 BIG BLOCK C10 upper radiator hose collapsing. Why?? Video inside.

    With a serpentine belt I'm guessing someone may have installed the wrong rotation water pump. The hose shouldn't be that soft either
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    Camshaft identification

    Mercruiser/HT383/Ramjet cam unless it's been reground. Part number is 14097395. Little bigger than the stock vortec cam with a tighter LSA.
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    Cup Holder

    I like it and probably as safe as a gear shift lever on a manual transmission between a middle seat riders legs.
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    1986 c10 454/700R4 conversion. Water temp sensor help. Pic's inside

    3/8 NPT threads? I used Standard part # TS76 when I put the crate engine in.
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    USA1 Industries

    I ordered some door panels from these clowns because it said they were in stock on their website. 2 weeks after they charged my card and no shipping info I shot em an email only to find out they were backordered. Requested a refund and it took em another week before they sent it through PayPal.
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    NV4500/NP205 Rebuild First Impression

    Are you using a stock rubber isolated shifter handle? I swapped one in my Tahoe with a 241 t case and it's only noisy in 5th gear. The aftermarket Core shifter i bought amplifies everything because I can grab the handle and it shuts up. I'm guessing the gear driven 205 probably makes yours...
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    AC Delco 15-33220 Replacement

    It can happen. My heater core started to leak after a few high RPM blasts with the new engine. I just put a stainless all thread coupling nut in the inlet hose, with a clamp on the outside. Dont remember the size but it was a snug fit. Haven't had any recurring issues after replacing the heater...
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    Aluminum interior door handles/straps

    Those look great, and wouldnt be too hard to copy since you have a set to go off of. Aluminum flat bar is cheap and a little bit of polish would shine em up to match the rest of the trim.

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