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  1. 85 red GMC

    1966 Brand New Pick Ups on Rail Car near Mt Shasta

    Every color and shape (such as back window and models) imaginable. Quite a load there
  2. 85 red GMC

    Undercarriage cleaning advice...

    Have you considered dry ice (dryce) methods for underbody cleaning
  3. 85 red GMC

    Can you clean gauges?

    be careful not to break off the little fragile orange gauge indicator arms. They are extremely delicate Ask me how I know.
  4. 85 red GMC

    transmission oil change

    My friend helped me change Transmission fluid on the 85 GMC short bed and the 83 Blazer. Not because fluid was bad but pan gaskets were weeping. We loosened bolts on one side / corner and then edged that side down with looser bolts all the way around. We let it come out in a big pan on...
  5. 85 red GMC

    running boards, nerf bars, step bars !!!

    I got Aries nurf bars for the 83 blazer. Did not try putting a set on the 85 GMC short bed truck as the saddle tanks would make it more difficult. The nurf bar idea on blazer is mount to body mount in front and back. Problem with right side is rear mounting bolt anchor in the frame does not...
  6. 85 red GMC

    1985 K5 Blazer Silverado - NOTHING ORIGINAL!

    You got a great deal The engine and Tranny upgrade are great The glove box (RPO I think) shows you had a 4 speed automatic to start so if you went to 3 speed tranny it was a bit of a downgrade but my 83 blazer was taken from 305 engine and 4 speed AT to 350 engine and 3 speed tranny. Must be...
  7. 85 red GMC

    Dual tank switch kills the engine

    I purchased the valve, dash switch and wiring harness if the fuel process / switch system is determined to be bad per our mechanic. I can return parts if not needed although maybe some day I will. Last week I put some fuel conditioner and water eliminator in the left tank to see if the...
  8. 85 red GMC

    Dual tank switch kills the engine

    Thank you Grit Dog. I had the same thought as one possibility. I not only checked the left tank cap, I switched them Monday when I was doing more drive testing. Since reversing the gas caps (not same brand but look to have similar structure) I have not noticed any differences. Right tank...
  9. 85 red GMC

    Dual tank switch kills the engine

    Hello. I am new to my 85 GMC pickup which just came a week ago. I love it as it reminds me of driving our new 79 Jimmy back in the day. This truck has saddle fuels tanks. I am not a mechanic. I love these older vehicles for the history as I grew up with my grandfather (a small town GMC...

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