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  1. Matt69olds

    Power window/lock/mirror Frankenstein conversion??

    Greetings. I am attempting to convert my sons fully manual 92 Yukon to power everything using a bunch of junkyard parts. Normally, I would be one of the first to tell people to consult a manual, but since I’m not exactly sure what year/model all these parts came from I don’t know where to look...
  2. Matt69olds

    TH400 Information Thread

    I just re-read this again, and thought of a couple other additions. I prefer to install return springs in all 16 spring pockets in the direct drum. I do this to prevent centrifugal clutch apply. The direct drum spins almost twice engine rpm in 1st gear, the tiny amount of fluid left in the drum...
  3. Matt69olds

    Engine Carbon Cleaning

    Get the engine hot. Remove the air cleaner. Race the engine while SLOWLY dripping ice cold water down the carb. The idea isn’t to stall or drown the engine, but it will run lousy with the water. When the cold water hits the hot carbon deposits, they will flake off and be blown out the...
  4. Matt69olds

    puzzled on no start

    Verify it has spark before doing anything else. Next, carefully pour some fuel into the vent tube. Wedge a screwdriver in the choke flap to hold it open, look down into the carb while you pump the throttle. You should see a solid stream of fuel out the accelerator nozzles. If not, it’s pretty...
  5. Matt69olds

    Disappearing coolant

    You might try retorquing the head bolts, remove the ones that go into the coolant and apply thread sealer. You would think if the engine was burning coolant you would see a “steam cleaned” spark plug, your look pretty good. It’s probably time for a leakdown test. Top off the radiator first...
  6. Matt69olds

    Fusible link replacement

    I’m pretty sure the wire inside a fusible link is the same as regular wire, just a smaller wire size than the circuit it’s protecting. It’s the insulation that’s different, it’s fireproof/extremely high heat to prevent melting. Definitely use the proper crimpers. Don’t use cheap butt...
  7. Matt69olds

    Need advice on Tuning a Quad

    Give the engine what it wants, not what you think it needs!!! AFR gauges are nice, but people managed just fine for decades without them. I’ll come back to this later. Do the idle mixture screws affect idle? Meaning you can hear a definite change in idle turning the screws in and out? If not...
  8. Matt69olds

    1980 C10 with a SBC350 quadrajet

    The easiest, no nonsense way to verify the distributor and timing are correct is to do as follows: Remove #1 plug. Crank the engine until you feel compression in the #1 cylinder. Slowly crank the engine in the normal direction of rotation until the timing marks line up with the desired timing...
  9. Matt69olds

    Horn recommendation

    I installed horns from a mid 90s Cadillac Fleetwood. Gotta have a horn with some authority!!
  10. Matt69olds

    gas gauge goes back an forth when im moving.

    Every old car does that to a certain extent, the square body trucks are some of the worst. I’m not sure what GM did to dampened the sensitivity of the sending units in the later years.
  11. Matt69olds

    TH-400 Engagement Delay?

    This is a 400 transmission, not a 700. Converters will drain into the pan, that’s why you usually find big puddles of transmission fluid under cars/trucks that have sat for awhile. The fluid drains into the pan, the fluid level will eventually rise enough to leaks places it normally never...
  12. Matt69olds

    TH-400 Engagement Delay?

    If you installed a deep pan, did you also install the spacer and filter extension? Did you install the filter correctly? A delayed engagement after sitting for awhile isn’t really an issue. The torque converter will slowly drain fluid into the pan. Once you start the engine, it takes a few...
  13. Matt69olds

    1980 C10 with a SBC350 quadrajet

    Start with the basics. Does it have spark? Is the distributor timed correctly? Does it have compression? When you move the throttle, does fuel spray out the accelerator pump nozzles?
  14. Matt69olds

    84 c10 door jam switch

    White is the ground trigger for the dome light, the other one is for the key in the ignition with the door open buzzer.
  15. Matt69olds

    Th350 intermediate clutch clearance

    The intermediate clutch has always had a lot of slop from the factory The easiest way to tighten the clearance is to take an old low/reverse friction under the intermediate piston. Scrape all the friction material off the clutch and use it as a shim under the intermediate piston. You will have...
  16. Matt69olds

    Patch panel to “fix” hole in bed from former 5th wheel hitch??

    Next time I’m at dads house I’ll measure and take some pics. I’ll have to look thru the LMC catalog. I didn’t know patch panels were offered. I don’t recall if the hole got into the floor brace.
  17. Matt69olds

    Patch panel to “fix” hole in bed from former 5th wheel hitch??

    The donor bed on the family 81 GMC came from a 1 ton truck with a 5th wheel hitch. I’d like to cover the hole with something other than plywood so the bed is usable. Anyone in readerland have an absolutely trashed or rusty bed with a section of bed floor in solid shape? The bed came from a...
  18. Matt69olds

    Automatic door lock kit

    If you like to junkyard hunt and want it to look factory and most importantly be cheap:
  19. Matt69olds

    My 1985 c1500 2wd 700r4 has no reverse

    Next time you drive it, pay close attention to the number of shifts, and the speeds it makes those shifts. 4L60E/700 transmissions are known to occasionally break the drive shell. When that happens, you lose 2nd, 4th gear and reverse. The trans will actually make the 1-2 shift, but since the...
  20. Matt69olds

    Where Does This Connector Go

    that looks like the brake switch connector for the torque converter clutch. If the truck has a TH400, that would explain why it was t plug into anything.
  21. Matt69olds

    TH400 kickdown TPS%

    There is a reason the kickdown switch only has an inch or so of travel. The switch is only activated at WOT. I would think 85% would be a good starting point.
  22. Matt69olds

    Keep Manual shift for the LS or swap in an auto?

    I personally have never messed with a 6L80, but the stamped steel carriers and clutch housing tells me all I need to know about them. Compare the flimsy stamped steel stuff to the machined steel carriers of the 400/4L80. It’s a night and day difference.
  23. Matt69olds

    Keep Manual shift for the LS or swap in an auto?

    The 4L80 will handle far more abuse than a 6L80/6L90, with half the expense. Assuming your junkyard 4L80 is in good condition, a shift kit that dual feeds the direct clutch will make a 4L80 reliable to 700plus hp, with room to grow.
  24. Matt69olds

    4l80e with no controller Jakes performance in Texas sell a plug in manual valve body conversion box, it does t even require dropping the oil pan to install it. It requires an ignition power source, and a ground wire to trigger the converter clutch...
  25. Matt69olds

    Hard Start when engine is warm.

    Bingo! Lots of people don’t understand the difference between 2 and 3 line pumps and the way they function. They cap off the 3 line and then wonder why they have this exact concern.

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