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  1. Goldie Driver

    86 suburban 2wd to 4wd

    Dam nice looking as she sits ! Best of luck on the conversion. :) Yes, I am biased towards those colors.:Big Laugh:
  2. Goldie Driver

    1987 R10 Radiator Leak

    Price seems steep, but hopefully they built you a 4 core. I had my metal one re-done as well- OE end tanks on a 4 core as the original 3 row was too far gone. Plastic tanks and aluminum cores work great and are lighter but just not the same in my book. YMMV
  3. Goldie Driver

    1988 IROC-Z

    I remember that ! :anitoof: I will buy some if I see it. I also remember New Coke ... :33:
  4. Goldie Driver

    Source for horn part

    I think this may be it. Don't know why the search on the phone was harder than on the PC using the same search terms and engine ... :33: Meaning that I did one search on the PC to find this but had to do multiple tries on the phone to get the same result so I could copy and paste...
  5. Goldie Driver

    What new tools have you got lately?

    26 bux. My guy used to keep them on his truck but quit seeing much demand for them, so he had to order me one. The general service techs ( oil changes and such) use them and I thought it was a great idea. I have used a magnetic pick up tool to get a few plugs out of my pan but never had a...
  6. Goldie Driver

    What new tools have you got lately?

    Loosen the drain plug like normal, but leave it in. The end opposite the handle:anitoof: has a flat upright that will hit the plug and spin it and a magnet so that when the plug comes out it stays on the tool.
  7. Goldie Driver

    What new tools have you got lately?

    1st ever purchase off a tool truck at work. If you like to change the oil hot but hate burning your fingers on the plug, or, dropping it in the oil ... This is the tool for you ! Magnetic end.
  8. Goldie Driver

    Windshield wiper switch knob

    LMC sells them. But- Ebay may have cheaper shipping... :think:
  9. Goldie Driver

    puzzled on no start

    Any clue if the replacement parts are updated for the "almost gas" ? Thanks!
  10. Goldie Driver

    Q: Vacuum Line

    I think that is the line that powers the HVAC control system. Easy enough to test - if your HVAC controls don't work now, but do when you "vacuumize" :anitoof: that line, you will know.
  11. Goldie Driver

    Q: Trick to Reattaching Speedo-Cable

    Seems like I put my back on the floorboard and reach up and feel where the spring prong and speedometer end is and guide the cable on. Just a 1 hand process and by feel. You might be able to see the speedometer end with a flashlight and having your head up in the lower dash, but you won't be...
  12. Goldie Driver

    Spark plug wires

    Plus 1 on the Taylor's. I still have the top cover on my HEI and the Taylor's have the molded "nipple" on the top to plug into that. Most aftermarket ones do not.
  13. Goldie Driver

    Wire Connector

    On my 80 that is the test connector for the lockup torque converter (TCC). I guess that's correct for your 84 as well. Best of luck! Britt
  14. Goldie Driver

    Got a Dodge squarebody!

    Similar issue on a '77 Ramcharger, but it burned from the firewall back and gutted the interior. Worst part was it happened while a buddy of mine was driving it ... Dam Dodge electrical. Never understood that as the vans had the fuse box inside as well and did not have electrical problems...
  15. Goldie Driver

    Got a Dodge squarebody!

    I forgot- if the front axle is still running the OE setup lubing the wheel bearings is amazingly simple. :waytogo:
  16. Goldie Driver

    Got a Dodge squarebody!

    LOL- from past experience on those year trucks fix the electrical system. :anitoof: I like them, though, and a Phillips screwdriver and a 1/2 inch wrench will disassemble most of the truck. :dogpile:
  17. Goldie Driver

    Factory Oil Cooler - What did they look like?

    Well, if this works : Main page:
  18. Goldie Driver

    Factory Oil Cooler - What did they look like?

    That was a factory option to the best of my knowledge. Probably part of the trailering special package, but not 100 percent on that.
  19. Goldie Driver

    1988 GMC Suburban V1500

    Welcome from a fellow Sub owner in Houston! More pics required, however. :cool:
  20. Goldie Driver

    1980 Suburban fuel filler pipe for sale

    Not sure when or where in Conroe that is, so really hard to say. :cool: I seem to be in a state of Flux most weekends, though.
  21. Goldie Driver

    1980 Suburban fuel filler pipe for sale

    If it gets to a "Its going to be thrown away if not sold" point I will buy it for a spare. But, I suspect before it hits that someone here will need it. :waytogo:
  22. Goldie Driver

    Are front wheel bearings adjustable?

    From the wife's truck this weekend (not a square, but still) comes a real world bad bearing example!
  23. Goldie Driver

    Ammeter Fuse size?

    Wow - been a while since seeing 1 of those ! Seems like it is a short 3 Amp fuse, but ... That's from a 32 or so year old memory. :cool:
  24. Goldie Driver

    Bad Master Cylinder?

    Bad luck/POS chinesium part. If the shoes are still dry you should be able to change the wheel cylinder out only removing 1 spring.:waytogo:
  25. Goldie Driver

    Heat riser exhaust valve

    It pulls the heat riser valve closed. No vacuum it is defaulted by the spring to open. So, exhaust passes thru the intake under the carb to help fully evaporate the liquid fuel to vapor, thus the Early Fuel Evaporation name. The exhaust is only able to get out the drivers side manifold when...

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