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  1. Backfoot100

    R4 to Sanden whith stock ac lines(for serpantine)

    Awesome. My apologies beforehand for sounding like a rookie. I've been hearing about this switch ever since I did my Sanden conversion but I've always been confused about.... 1) Where it is. Thanks for the info. 2) and this is the real question now, would you be increasing or decreasing the...
  2. Backfoot100

    R4 to Sanden whith stock ac lines(for serpantine)

    Where exactly is that switch and how do you set it?
  3. Backfoot100

    Factory console

    My apologies for not updating this earlier. The console is sold and at a better home now.
  4. Backfoot100

    R4 to Sanden whith stock ac lines(for serpantine)

    Yeah something doesn't look right yet. I have a Vintage Air mount for a V-belt Sanden on the driver side which replaced the factory mount. I had issues getting thing to mount up too. It turned out that the bracket that physically mounts to the Sanden was clocked wrong. Once I got that fixed it...
  5. Backfoot100

    Factory console

    I have a factory center console for sale out of my 86 Sub. I made a wood console for it that replaced this. Gray in color but does not have the mounting bracket. I reused the bracket in the wood one. It does have a couple cracks on the back of it but otherwise in decent shape. I've seen posts...
  6. Backfoot100

    R4 to Sanden whith stock ac lines(for serpantine)

    Check out Vintage Air. They make Sanden mounts for either side, low or high, short or long water pumps, with and without headers. These are excellent heavy duty mounts and they come in raw metal so you gotta paint them. Be prepared to get out your check book though. They aren't cheap but it'll...
  7. Backfoot100

    '89 GMC 'Burb grill swap questions

    Wow, I'm right there with you guys. I truly believe there hasn't been a really good looking chevy truck made since the true Square. Everything starting with the GMT 400 and going right up to the brand new ones are complete crap. I'll never own any one of them.
  8. Backfoot100

    Bye Bye Optima

    Gotta agree with you. I got my first Optima red top for my boat. Years later I thought the battery was going bad so I swapped it with my truck battery and turned out to be the starter. Swapped it back (after replacing the starter) until my truck battery died. Then put it in the truck and ordered...
  9. Backfoot100


    I'm on my second Optima. I don't really care for lead acid sloshing around taking a beating in my boat so the AGM Optima works out nicely. First one lasted 19 years with the last three years of that in a buddy's F150. My second one is 11 years old and still going strong. I gotta say that I...
  10. Backfoot100

    Aries step bar install

    Thanks... Yes, completely stock. The 20" Ridler's w/tires fill the wheel wells much better than the stock 15" wheels ever did.
  11. Backfoot100

    Having problems with blinker

    Have you tried adding blinker fluid???
  12. Backfoot100

    Poll: What '70s/'80s pickup would you own if a GM square wasn't an option?

    Dodge L'il Red Express. Cool ride.
  13. Backfoot100

    Rough Idle

    Do you have the A/C solenoid hooked up and adjusted on the throttle linkage? That solenoid gets adjusted to increase idle a couple hundred RPM when the A/C is turned on.
  14. Backfoot100

    Adding A/C

    Auto Air and Audio in Winter Haven, FL. Good guys to work with. I bought my Sanden compressor and mounting bracket from them. Installed and flushed everything on my own and then took it to them to make new hoses, evac and fill the system. Awesome guys to work with. Top...
  15. Backfoot100

    Retrofit AC upgrade results

    Need to do some homework. Go to the Sanden website. 5 cylinder or 7 cylinder? 5 is fine unless you're trying to cool a Suburban. Then its a matter of V-belt drive or serpentine drive? Mounted on drivers or passenger side? High or low mounts? Headers or manifolds? Do you want to keep it in the...
  16. Backfoot100

    Question about R4 "Pancake" AC compressors

    Thread 'Retrofit AC upgrade results' Hopefully that link works. Don't F**k with the R4. Do it right.
  17. Backfoot100

    Retrofit AC upgrade results

    Reviving this with some more results hopefully others will be able to use. The "new" R4 that I replaced after the original seized lasted about 9 months and that one also crapped the bed. What countless others have experienced holds true. New or rebuilt R4's suck......they're all Chinese...
  18. Backfoot100

    Quadrajet question

    Pretty much all of GM's highest performance engine applications did come from the factory with a Holley. 327 Corvette was the first one in '65. Next was the 427 in '66 followed by the 396 in '67. If you had the one of the highest HP engine options in 327, 396, 402 and 427 form, you can pretty...
  19. Backfoot100

    Ford Trash Talk Thread lol don't count. Hell, you not only know what a dipstick is but where to find it on the engine after you open the hood. You are definitely in a minority now.
  20. Backfoot100

    Ford Trash Talk Thread lol

    You're seeing more and more new cars coming without dipsticks for both tranny and crankcase. Ive had three different Volvo's. Somerime over the last ten years Volvo has done away with both. I've read somewhere a tale that goes something like this....... Volvo was trying to eliminate more...
  21. Backfoot100

    spark plugs.... Over thinking!

    You have to check out "Magic Creeper". Saw an add for it on one of the car porn shows I watch. Got one for Xmas and it is freakin awesome!!! You can slide around better than any creeper on literally any surface. Gravel, grass, concrete or anything else. Oil, gas and water resistant. Just wipe...
  22. Backfoot100

    Delay Wiper Module

    Guess it depends what the problem is with your modules. Mine had a weird problem detailed here..... You are correct that those old electrolytic caps are notorious for drying out or cracking and leaking electrolyte all over the...
  23. Backfoot100

    Temp gauge issues

    If the ceramic resistor is open, just leave it on and lay the new resistor over the top and wrap the wire ends around the posts. Then spin the speed nuts down on the threaded posts to secure the new resistor in place. Easy peasy.
  24. Backfoot100

    What have you done to your square lately??

    @Redfish. Damn, what a great experience for your son. I absolutely love your ride too.
  25. Backfoot100

    Has anybody removed ethanol from their gas ?

    I hear these same problems from everybody but I don't understand why. I have had ZERO issues with anything that requires gas. My echo weedwacker is 20 years old and the only thing I've ever done to it is replace a spark plug. I have a Toro lawn mower and pressure washer that I bought when we got...

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