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    Fusible link keeps blowing over and over

    any chance you worked on the starter recently and one of the positive wires is grounded?
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    73 Chevy Blazer - Did this year come with parking brake switch?

    is the light NOT supposed to stay on until the parking brake is released?
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    problems with my nuts, lugnuts

    After purchasing some takeoff wheels i need new lugnuts. 60 degree face and thin as the holes arent even big enough to take a thin wall socket and the old lug nuts. Has anyone used something like this and had success...
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    Hey new friends, the new rig

    Haven’t mounted any others or turned the wheel yet.
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    Hey new friends, the new rig

    Need some new lug nuts and will be rollin
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    Hey new friends, the new rig

    Well, ended up scoring some free wheels and tires. Off of a dodge and being after market, it looks like the backspacing is a bit less so fingers crossed they will look decent.
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    alternate High beam indicator light

    strong work sir. Thank you for the picture. any chance you can load up the full image? Yes, the high beams work properly when switched on. the headlights work properly when switched on, new light so that narrows it down two the board in my opinion. I already have the extra light, just didn't...
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    Dash/Stereo Progress and Wiring Question

    id make a bracket and mount the light inside the defrost vent. easily visible. no damage to dash. :) beautiful work btw!
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    alternate High beam indicator light

    1976 custom camper k20
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    alternate High beam indicator light

    the floor switch functions properly. so thus, the problem is most likely the circet board as the lights have recently been replaced.
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    alternate High beam indicator light

    Good morning. I have to have a vehicle inspection to get my "non-operational" salvaged vehicle back on the road. One of the requirements is an active High beam indicator light. Mine is currently not working. My budget is extremely tight and i would like to wire in an indicator light into the...
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    MACHINING 16.5" DOWN TO 16"?

    well, not exactly an answer but HANDS DOWN the most informitive reference in regards to tire beads!
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    MACHINING 16.5" DOWN TO 16"?

    What I’d like to mount it on
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    MACHINING 16.5" DOWN TO 16"?

    So can we change the beads?
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    MACHINING 16.5" DOWN TO 16"?

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    What did you pay for a square

    I will pay more for my registration than I paid for the truck. $300
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    MACHINING 16.5" DOWN TO 16"?

    Dear Santa.... After searching so many wheel options I realized I REALLY like two wheels. The wagon wheels that are currently on my truck and good ole turbines. Such a classic look. So much of a classic look that the turbines only came in 16.5" from what I can find. What are the chances that...
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    Can I run 35s on the street with this setup?

    Hahaha the other three are in good shape.
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    Can I run 35s on the street with this setup?

    Here is my current ride. 33/12.5x16.5 Have 16” 2004 Silverado stock rims to throw on it. They sit a bit more inboard. Can I run 35s with this amount of “lift”. Actual lift unknown. I have to buy new tires and I have a lead on some “new” used 35s for a song. I’m not worried about “full...
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    truck idles fine dies when put in gear

    HEI ignition? does it only die when it warms up or imediatly after startup?
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    looking for 17 inch wheels

    hummer 2 wheels are our bolt pattern and 17 inches
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    Help Identifying lift height

    Picked up this beast a few months ago. As seen it is sitting on 33/12.5-16.5s. I’m in the market for new tires and found a smoking deal on raptor takeoff 315/17s. Wondering if anyone can tell by the current stance the approximate lift on the truck?
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    another 16.5 post

    really, whos idea was a 16.5 inch wheel? how did this come to be? "Lets go bigger Bob. I like our 16 offering but 17 is to big." I'm so curious as to how this happened! And then the tire companies went along with it. BTW, is anyone still making 16.5 inch tires? asking for a friend.
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    Disc brake conversion help.

    bending lines is teadious and a headache but in the end is pretty easy. the thought of 4 fronts seems unbalanced and overbuilt in my brain. i swapped the rears on my 70 camaro and the size difference was impressive but they were balanced. im guessing the large size locks up the back pretty easy?
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    Disc brake conversion help.

    are these a direct swap from another vehicle or an after market kit? I see the 8 lug which i also have so super curious.

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