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  1. FireTruck1984

    Center Supports for Bed Rails. Center Piers -Wanted-

    I’m Looking for some Center Supports for Bed Rails (4) or a complete rail set if they’re in restorable condition. Thanks
  2. FireTruck1984

    Cheap chit parts….

    V - Ate
  3. FireTruck1984

    Cheap chit parts….

    Yep, ya got a crappy one.. there must be different manufacturers. Mine has been on the truck over 6 years and is still in great shape.
  4. FireTruck1984

    Hub cap/trim ring combo

    It’s a great look !
  5. FireTruck1984

    What have you done to your square lately??

    Yep ND
  6. FireTruck1984

    What have you done to your square lately??

    I received a message from the new owner, He’s thrilled ! I miss it, but life moves on. I also have the K1500 so I still get my 4 wheel therapy.
  7. FireTruck1984

    GMC Grille Resto 1981

    Great job ! Restored original parts are so much better than repops.
  8. FireTruck1984

    What have you done to your square lately??

    Fail ! They have the Quote all wrong.. here’s the right one
  9. FireTruck1984

    Shift shaft seal leaking on 700r4?

    I just recently replaced my seal, the tool works well. Just be persistent. Tap the tool in without the threaded bolt, twist hard with a lot of inward pressure, you’ll feel it bite.. twist again. Insert the bolt and gently crank the wrench. A ratcheting end wrench works best. Good luck !! and...
  10. FireTruck1984

    What have you done to your square lately??

    ”All aboard.. Next stop Bismarck” Safe travels old friend
  11. FireTruck1984

    Looking for Carpet Installer

    Also, the molded carpet is shaped to fit a floor with the proper amount of padding and insulation.. without it, you will not get a tight- smooth fit.
  12. FireTruck1984

    Muffler blew up

    Ah Yes ! I also experienced a Muffler Bomb and the truck was in the garage when it blew. I think I have permanent hearing loss!… what?
  13. FireTruck1984

    aloha from honolulu hawaii

    Welcome from the Motor City Bada$$ rig !
  14. FireTruck1984

    New Member from Fl

    Welcome from the Motor City, Great looking rig! It would look even better with some Restored Bed Rails… and I just happen to have 3 Sets ready to ship ;) Sorry (not sorry) for the shameless sales technique. PM if you’re interested
  15. FireTruck1984

    What have you done to your square lately??

    Looks really good on that rig !
  16. FireTruck1984

    Door panel recommendation

    CJ Pony Parts
  17. FireTruck1984

    Tailgate handle

    @CalSgt Hey Casey, why are you replacing the handle? Can your original handle be fixed ? I have a couple of originals in great shape. It can be my contribution to your project. “Free to a good home” just pay shipping
  18. FireTruck1984

    What have you done to your square lately??

    Don’t forget to remove the protective film on those emblems.. you probably know, but they’re hard to see. It’s a common miss
  19. FireTruck1984

    Got Stickers?

    Nice ! I see you have my Dream Girl Emily on the TV
  20. FireTruck1984

    Factory hood stripes?

    Yes, like @bucket says. That was added by someone at some point. but they did do weird $h1t in the ‘80s
  21. FireTruck1984

    Rally Center Cap Mounting Bolt

    Yes, the original bolts have slots on a hex head, and they were a slightly tapered thread cutting type.
  22. FireTruck1984

    Painting my 73

    Jack, It was an Honor to carry one of the 343 American Flags during the Memorial for the FDNY Firefighters in 2001. Over 8 thousand Active firefighters applied but of course they could only pick 343 to lead the Precession. Myself and a good friend were picked from Detroit (DFD), a day to always...
  23. FireTruck1984

    Taillight lens

    Yes, I’ve restored some by polishing them, if they’re not cracked and just oxidized they can be refreshed. Similar to how you restore plastic Headlight lenses, Remove the tail light housings from the truck. (I made a jig to hold them, using a QuickGrip wood clamp attached to a piece of wood)...

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