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    Spark, Fuel, Crank but won't start

    Dump a couple of tablespoons of fresh fuel down the carbureator, prop the choke open and try to start it. The choke was open when it died wasnt it?
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    Automatic door lock kit

    I assumed he had power locks already and just needed to add a remote and a receiver. Available on Amazon
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    Spark, Fuel, Crank but won't start

    Okay this is just my feelings,but it wouldn't stumble stall restart run awhile,run good run bad. Because of a timing chain, it d8dnt run good,lose compression run bad regain compression run good and die now not have not enough compression to start. I would believe the carb needs work and it...
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    Spark, Fuel, Crank but won't start

    Take a negative jumper cable hook it to ground,clamp an old plug in the other end open the gap up to about .090 put a plug wire on the plug and check for spark.
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    Stop Lamp Switch - Help Needed

    For now I wouldn't worry about those first three. You're just going to have to lay on your back with a flashlight find and repair your cut wires.
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    Spark, Fuel, Crank but won't start

    How did you verify spark?
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    Stop Lamp Switch - Help Needed

    Looks to me that to start with you need to repair the cut black and yellow wires and put in what ever switch your truck came with originally. Idk what else's is cut,broken elsewhere,buts let's fix the obvious,and see where we're at.
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    Headlights flicker and radio cuts out when driving over a bump

    Post 8. The big 3 are battery to engine battery to frame battery to body. Those are your big three,and if grounding the head to the firewall fixed anything 1 of those three is missing or failed.
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    Getting to know a gifted 2006 Hummer H3

    Fix the known issues,do maintenance, change the fluids. Drive it find the things you didn't know were wrong and fix those. Don't try planning for things that might break. Like the 4l60 it's made it this long,take care of it and if it fails cross that bridge then. You might preemptively change...
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    How should i build my engine, 1979 chevy k10

    Well sir you need to do a lot more research. I've got a block,heads, and intake. I don't know what the internals are. Honestly with that description I don't know if you have what you need to build anything. Get a block number,and head numbers,try to find out what manifold you actually have,and a...
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    Well with info you've given I don't know if you ordered a radiator with too small fittings or too large fittings. If what you got is too small they make spacers the resemble a 1 inch wide rubber band you put on the nipple and then put on the hose.
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    Preferred Solder for Automotive Wiring

    I built a tool out of a piece of plumbing solder an 2 alligator clips to hold wire while I solder. Also I have a soldering voltage controller to regulate heat. I've heard of people making them with a lamp dimmer ,but IDK because mine is a purchased unit.
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    Speaker pods/General stereo questions

    Thats a good idea. Thanks @Rusty Nail
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    Speaker pods/General stereo questions

    Okay I didn't know if I should put this here or nor but here goes. Does anybody have a working decent condition 2 knob pioneer super tuner they want to sell?
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    What have you done to your square lately??

    Sorry no help. I'm not sure but I think the coors light can is supposed to get a little smashed and bent over,and goes under the drivers seat
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    O2 Sensor Testing

    Check voltage if it's on the bench heat it with propane watch voltage rise and drop with heat,look for slow or un responsive.on the car in voltage mode check your voltage,create a vacuum leak to make it lean,watch your voltage,cap your leak spray some carb cleaner in the air cleaner,drive it...
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    ESC need someone that knows more about ESC system than I do

    I'm still researching for me but good news for you. If you make a stop plate like the pic I ll put up make it so screwed down it touches the pin,remove I don't remember the amount I'll get it for you from the end of the plate that will limit vacuum advance so you can set your adjustable at a...
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    Anyone vinyl wrapped their truck?

    Something like this would be awesome.
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    ESC need someone that knows more about ESC system than I do

    @SirRobyn0 I had an absolutely worthless conversation with standard motor parts tech. Trying to get some advance specs. An even more worthless conversation with MSD who when tech 1 couldn't answer transferred me to tech 2,about then I figured I should put in a job app. there. Anyway back when...
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    Shade-Tree Tranny Removal

    I know but 4x8s always end up being used up by the time I need em.
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    Shade-Tree Tranny Removal

    Why are you removing the transmission? My 75 I did the transfer case and transmission separately. But why are you pulling the transmission?
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    Big Block C1500

    Me to, I thought we were talking about mild 454s.
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    Heat riser exhaust valve

    Vacuum closes it based on temperature to send exhaust through the intake manifold passage on cold days. That's one of the problems with vortec heads no heat crossover for cold weather.
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    Loctite, which one and where?

    @Radiohead red comes right apart heat it with propane. I don't use it often but it's usually red. I used to use it on every motor I built,torque the rods then a drop of red on each rod bolt to wick on the threads,just to make sure. Non of the rods came off the Motors I built. I quit doing it and...
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    Loctite, which one and where?

    Think about this for a minute,when you took it apart was there loctite? When you took it apart was it all tight after countless years? Did a book or manufacturers instructions tell you to loctite it? Some say loctite doesn't affect torque values? Some say reduce 20% . Think,ask,and think again...

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