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  1. RoryH19

    GM blue engine paint

    Hi, Need to repaint the engine of my 78 k10. Does any know if duplicolor DE1608 or DE1609 is the correct one? Thanks.
  2. RoryH19

    Glide out spare tire carrier

    I noticed my 78 k10 has the bracket on the right rear outside frame rail for the glide out carrier. Unfortunately that's the only part still on the truck. Does anyone have one? Couple of pics I've found.
  3. RoryH19

    Desert Fox

    Has anyone seen a GMC desert fox lately?
  4. RoryH19

    Dupicolor POR

    Has anyone used this? They had aerosol and quarts at the local parts store. Was thinking about trying on my k10's frame.
  5. RoryH19

    Diesel Radiator hold downs

    Hello, Does anyone have the LH and RH radiator hold downs for a diesel square? Like the one I circled in blue?
  6. RoryH19

    GMT800 diff swap in a square

    Hello. I've been researching axle swaps for my k5. I have a 14bSF from a 4x4 gmt400. It will widen the rear axle to basically the same width as the stock front axle. I was also thinking of converting to disk at the same time since the drums are shot. I then thought about using the gmt800 with...
  7. RoryH19

    Dana 44/10 bolt wheel stud swap

    Hello, Has anyone swapped the front 7/16 wheel studs to 9/16 or 14mm? The 14B SF rear axle I have for my k5 came with 14mm and would like them to match when I install. Any part numbers for the studs? Will I need to drill the rotors? Thanks.
  8. RoryH19

    73-80 bumper guards (wanted)

    Hello, Any have the front bumper guards for the 73-80 squares? I assume they are all the same. Thanks.
  9. RoryH19

    Cooper Discoverer MTP

    Anyone run these? Any reviews? Any comparisons to BFG or Micky Thompson MT's? Thanks.
  10. RoryH19

    15" vs 17" wheels

    Hello, Has anyone changed from 15" wheels to 17" and noticed a difference in ride? Is the ride better or worse, more stable, etc? Will be for my 4x4 K5 with 33x12.5 tires. Thanks.
  11. RoryH19

    Modern rearview mirror in a square

    What modern GM mirrors are being used to upgrade a square? No need for Onstar or backup camera. Would like compass, temp and autodim. I would go to a salvage yard and take the harness with the mirror. Thanks.
  12. RoryH19

    Fender Antenna

    I've had several squares from the 80's and everyone had a windshield antenna. My 78 has a fender mounted one. I've also seen 88+ burbs and 3+3's with them too. What years did they use each style and why?
  13. RoryH19

    Round eye showed up

    Well this is what happens when your k5 has been gone for too long at paint and body. 78 k10 Silverado SWB 350/TH350/np203 dana 44 and 12 bolt rear. Looks to have it's original buckskin interior too. Will need metal work like my k5 did. Let's just say it will be a project.
  14. RoryH19

    Diesel or 454 radiator cover

    Hello all. Looking for the radiator cover/mounts for a 454 or diesel rad. Need one to span the gap from my core support to rad on my LS swap. I think one of these might work. Thanks.
  15. RoryH19

    Joys of the 10 bolt

    What happens when you change axle seals on a k5 10 bolt. Drill, punch, hammer and some serious luck it came out.
  16. RoryH19

    83 K5 bodywork

    Since I'm waiting for my 82, still in paint, I decided to replace my rear quarters. Driver's side:
  17. RoryH19

    Stepper paint

    Hi Ran across this on CL. Was this an original option or someone's creation?
  18. RoryH19

    Stepside Trim

    Do any of the step sides from the 70's have body trim? Specifically the aluminum that runs along the body that a fleet side has? Saw a 79 Silverado that only had the trim around the cab window. Didn't see any side trim or holes where it may have been. Thanks.
  19. RoryH19

    K30's in the wild

    Hi, Are there any k30's for sale around? Just a driver or one that can use some work. Don't need a show truck. A Silverado with 454 and TH400 would be great. Thanks, Rory
  20. RoryH19

    2000s hydroboost into a square

    Has anyone installed a hydroboost from a 2003, 4, 5... suburban, Tahoe, escalade... into a square? If so, assuming I would have to use the pedal, hydroboost unit and master cylinder. Power steeping pump would also need the extra connector. Thanks.
  21. RoryH19

    Steering gear support

    Plan to add a steering gear support to my k5. Have seen the ORD bolt on here: And the ORD weld on: Pros and Cons from any...
  22. RoryH19

    Fuse block Bulk head harness

    Hello, What year did the fuse block change from round tube to the blade style? Assuming somewhere between 79 - 81. Any issues in retrofitting the later blade style into the older trucks? I would change the harness inside the cab and under the hood. Thanks
  23. RoryH19

    2000+ rear differntial in a square

    I've been researching to find out the possibility of swapping the 6 lug rear axle in my K5 with one from a 2000+ truck/SUV. I want disk brakes and also a good parking brake. These have a drum under the hat of the disk. I know the axle will be wider, the wheel studs are larger, spring perches...
  24. RoryH19

    Camper Special

    Hello, On the 81+ squares, are there any other camper special symbols than the ones at the back of the cab? Thanks.
  25. RoryH19

    K5 paint ideas

    As the title reads, I'm ready to paint my k5. I've been restoring for the last 15+ months. Engine, trans, t-case, lift kit, brakes, mechanical, metal work... It was originally black but will not repaint in that color. No white either. Thinking about gray, red or blue but not sure. I've been...

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