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  1. OldBlueDually

    Holley 600 WTF moment---curious to know whats wrong

    First off, I am putting a Quadrajet on this engine like I should have done to begin with! However, for my own sake I want to know why the holley is causing problems. It is a holley 600 4-barrel, vacuum secondaries on my 455 in my 76 GMC. No matter what I do, it either gets way too much fuel in...
  2. OldBlueDually

    I cannot figure out these two wires!!! 76 GMC

    Gents, I need some help here. I have used the electrical schematics posted here time, and time again, very helpful. However, I cannot determine what the heck these two wires are for!!! The first wire is the blue one with a rubber boot. I "thought" it was for the temp gauge....but is it really...
  3. OldBlueDually

    Auxiliary battery holder (drivers side) for my 76 GMC

    Just giving a shout out to see if anyone has a diesel style battery tray they want to part with, need it for the drivers side of my 76 GMC so I don't have to run a mile of battery cable to the starter! I have an Olds engine in this truck, so the starter is on the drivers side. Thanks in...
  4. OldBlueDually

    Placement of mufflers for best sound on a crew cab?

    Gents, I will be continuing on the exhaust work on my 76 crew cab. I would like to know where my mufflers should go to get a good deep grumble from the exhaust system. Searching this forum, and others has not really given a clear answer, and maybe there isn't one??.... The mufflers I have are...
  5. OldBlueDually

    Advice on: Master cylinder, booster, and calipers (leaks on 76 GMC 1 ton--pictures)

    Hey gents, I was hoping not to spend a ton of money here (I am so far over budget right now I am cringing and not even close to done), but being as how I have NOT worked with squares until this point, maybe you guys can give me some advice. Advice I am looking for; 1.) Would you use a...
  6. OldBlueDually

    455 Olds not lining up well in 76 GMC crew....

    Hey there gent's, I need some advice on this here issue. I finally got to the point of dropping in the engine to see what needs to be done to get it mounted up. I bought some frame to engine mounts from summit racing that looked like they "should" work, this was just a shot in the dark. As...
  7. OldBlueDually

    '76 GMC 1 ton (454) radiator???

    Gent's, I am trying to figure out what radiator to get for my truck and need some assistance. My truck did not come with a radiator so I am trying my best to find a 4-core that will work, but I do not know the proper/stock dimensions of the radiator. Can anyone give me some advice, or where...
  8. OldBlueDually

    A ride in my buddy's 427 Ford Cobra

    Now this was a blast!!!! A couple years back is when we did this. Never been scared in a car before, but this one did it and I am being serious. On a long straight he hammered through the gears to the point of me being very uncomfortable. I asked him "I would've never been able to tell my wife...
  9. OldBlueDually

    Should I make a daily from my "parts truck" 76 GMC....??

    So I have been debating making a daily driver/grocery getter (not in winter months however!!) out of my 76 GMC parts truck. I have been taking parts off of this green one to use on my 76 GMC dually build, but I am also removing those same parts from my dually truck because this green 76's parts...
  10. OldBlueDually

    Engine Frame Mounts--455 Olds in 76 GMC--May have found something!!??

    Gents, I need your input. I have been on the search for engine to frame mounts for my truck. I was told the 1978 to 1980 GM trucks with the Olds 350 Diesel will work. I want to know, do these Speedway ones look like the originals? They sure look spot on to me. Any opinions on this, I just want...
  11. OldBlueDually

    Need advice--Camshaft degree issue (maybe??)

    I am working on my '69 455 Olds right now, degreeing the camshaft on it. I need your advice on the results. Comp cams advice is "leave it as you have it and run it". The camshaft is supposed to be at 102 degrees and my results are not that. This is for my 76 GMC crew/dually, I will not be drag...
  12. OldBlueDually

    Cutting down valve guides & reusing head bolts??

    I am working on my Olds 455 for my square build, and I want to cut down the valve guides myself with the arbor and valve guide cutter from comp cams (on a budget build here!). The valve guides need to be cut down due to the dual coil springs being used which are needed for the cam I am putting...
  13. OldBlueDually

    76 Chevy Crew Cab Dually (NOT mine) $2,500

    I am posting this up to help myself resist the temptation!!!! (I was thinking of buying it to fix a bit, turn for a few more $$$ and throw that money into mine....but I don't think that is a good idea)... I don't know the guy. It is on FB instead of me buying another project...
  14. OldBlueDually

    1978 Chevrolet Suburban (our old family one)

    Hey all, just like anything I do it seems like one or two of them is never enough! I want to try to track down my dads old 78 Suburban. It was in the Rochester, MN area (Kasson specifically) many years back. It is a 1978 Trailering Special, 454, white on top & bottom, tan/cream color in the...
  15. OldBlueDually

    AWESOME news on my 76 GMC dually!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy crap guys, I still can't believe it. You guy’s won’t believe this; SO…..I am a member on a vintage snowmobile site, and I have also posted my dually build on that site. I get a message last night from a brand new member who asked “did your dually come from Iowa by chance, it looks like my...
  16. OldBlueDually

    Gauge Cluster--73 to 87 (100mph speedo, clock, no O.D., no tach)

    Selling the gauge cluster I was going to use in my 76 GMC until I found my parts truck with a good cluster, so I am selling this one. As you can see, I have not taken it apart to clean it up. This has a mechanical oil gauge. Asking $150 OBO. I will also ship it (not sure on cost to ship?).
  17. OldBlueDually

    Block hugger headers for 455 Olds in GMC truck...??

    As the title says, I am not not sure where I should go, or what style of block hugger headers to look for to use on my 455 in my 76 GMC (1-ton crew). On set I found (Sanderson) looked really nice, but they dump straight down in the center and the cross-member of the truck I feel would be in...
  18. OldBlueDually

    Some Suburbans & Trucks

    Here are some vehicles I used to own, some I still have. The white suburban was purchased by the Rochester, MN Fire Department. Later sold at an auction to the guy that bought it. He then wanted to sell it and I was able to get it. Brought my dad with me to look at it, he crawls under it and...
  19. OldBlueDually

    8 bolt rims that are 16" & will fit hubcaps.....??

    I have been surfing around with little success on finding regular plain old 16 inch steel rims with 8 lugs for my 76 GMC dually (not typical dually dogdish style rims). I don't need them right away, but at some point. I also want to be able to fit my GMC hubcaps on the rims if I decide to use...
  20. OldBlueDually

    HELP!!! New valve springs, but my oil seals won't what??

    I am now stopped on my engine work. I am trying to get my 1969 Olds 455 ready for my 76 GMC, however I put in the new comp cams Thumpr cam, and I opened up my new comp cams valve springs (dual) from summit racing (part# 995-16) and now my umbrella style oil seals will not fit inside of the dual...
  21. OldBlueDually

    76 GMC gauge cluster swap (no tach cluster to a tach cluster)

    I figured before I go making a LOT of work for myself, and possibly screwing something up I wanted to ask all of you first (see, I have learned my lesson the hard way in the past!!). I am going to be putting into my truck (76 GMC Sierra Grande (1 ton)) the gauge cluster/instrument panel from...
  22. OldBlueDually

    Rear axle: Welding on saddles at proper angle (due to lowering kit)

    Gents, I want to be sure I am doing this the correct way before stuff is welded up. Sorry if this is a repeat of another thread. Last night I removed the axle from my truck (76 GMC) to get ready for the drop kit. Now, when I weld on the new saddles to the axle, those saddles should sit at the...
  23. OldBlueDually

    Wanted: 1978 to 1981 Chevy "frame to motor" mounts for Olds 350 Diesel

    I am kind of hoping someone just has some sitting around they want to part with. I need both of them. A 1969 Olds 455 is going in my 76 GMC. That is what I need them for. I am not to the point yet of doing engine work, nor putting the engine in the truck, so I figured until that point I would...
  24. OldBlueDually

    Wanted: 1976 GMC Grill, AND 1976 GMC Tailgate

    As the title says I am looking for those parts for my build. Color of tailgate does not matter. I am not concerned about minor flaws or small dents. The grille, I would like to get one in decent, useable condition, prefer not to have one that is busted up. If I have to do some minor work to...
  25. OldBlueDually

    455 Olds in place of 454 in 76 GMC (frame to engine mounts?)

    Hi gents, I have a 76 GMC crew cab dually that "had" a 454 in it that was previously removed before I purchased it. My 1969 455 Olds Rocket will be going into this truck. My question is, is there anything off the shelf I can buy for frame to engine mount? I have the motor mounts themselves...

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