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  1. Big Chip

    Free Parts

    I’m not sure if any of this is useful to anyone but if someone wants something off this piece of cab you can have it for the cost of shipping.
  2. Big Chip

    In Search Of...

    I'm getting to the point of doing the body work on my old turd and I am realizing the metal around the windshield isn't as spectacular as I had hoped. I am in search of either a solid pre 1981 crew cab or a standard cab that is solid from the seam in the firewall up around the windshield for...
  3. Big Chip

    Replacing Shift Bowl On Tilt Column

    Has anyone ever replaced the shift bowl on a tilt column? Mine is broken, it seems like someone just pulled a John Rambo and yanked the thing down into gear. I assume the steering shaft will need to be pulled out below the tilt mechanism and I'm wondering if that can be accomplished while it's...
  4. Big Chip

    In Search Of...

    I'm in need of an instrument cluster housing for my 79 with automatic trans. I just need the housing but would entertain the purchase of an intact cluster if anyone has one also. Also in need of the heads and arms for the camper mirrors. I'm about tired of looking at the junk that's on...
  5. Big Chip

    Cruise Control Transducer Source

    I believe I've found a decent source for a transducer for the '79. It turns out I need the 2 wire transducer because even though I have a 3 wire now I do not have the resume valve which is a separate piece that bolts to the transducer. The guy I am getting it from rebuilds them and had a lot...
  6. Big Chip

    C30 Crew Cab

    This looks interesting:
  7. Big Chip

    Bolt in trans tunnel

    I have a manual trans tunnel for sale from a 78 or 79 C20. It has surface rust but is very solid. $40 plus shipping.
  8. Big Chip

    Is this normal?

    I took the tube grill out of my 79 C3500 and I’m putting a stock grill in. I didn’t notice the way the trim surrounding the grill fit into the lower filler until I took the old grille out. Does this look right? It doesn’t seem like it to me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Big Chip

    Dually box trim

    I’m looking for the two moldings behind the fender. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Big Chip

    Replacement Hood

    Does anyone have any thoughts or preferences for replacement hoods? Summit sells Sherman and Auto Metal Direct and there is a big difference in price. I usually don't buy the cheapest thing I can find because I only like buying stuff once but I don't really know anything about body part...
  11. Big Chip

    Beech C23

    This definitely qualifies as “other vehicles”. It’s a Beechcraft Sundowner with a Lycoming O360. I’d been having an intermittent rough running issue that was a bit of a problem when you’re trying to climb out. It happened twice on missed instrument approaches, thankfully simulated approaches...
  12. Big Chip

    Cruise Control Surging

    My 79 C35 is having CC issues and I am hoping someone can steer me onto the right track. It is the version with resume. When I set the CC it will speed up a couple miles per hour so. I am not sure if that is the way they work but I have a vague recollection of my dad's 79 suburban doing the...
  13. Big Chip

    Lowering 79 C35 crew cab dually

    I am looking at the Western Chassis 3/5 drop kit and I have a question regarding the installation and I am kind of looking for someone who has installed this particular kit or if there is a better option out there. My main concern is having to notch out the bed supports to clear the C-notch and...

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